Yoga Exercises For Neck Arthritis


Yoga Exercises For Neck Arthritis The neck can be effectively exercised via the practice of yoga for prevention as well as healing neck issues like arthritis or cervical spondylosis that can trigger pain which aggravates when one looks up or down for extended spans of time.

Guide to Handy Neck Arthritis Yoga Exercises

Cervical Warm Up

We are going to perform cervical flexion and extension for loosening tension and warming up the neck area. This exercise helps in stretching the cervical spine at the back of your neck. It can be performed whilst standing or seated erect and cross-legged in a comfortable stance with palms resting on the knee joints.

In case you are seated on a chair then ensure that a straightened back is maintained throughout the exercise.   Firstly, the chin is gradually dropped down towards the chest. Avoid forcing it and ensure using active range of motion at all times. One then comes back to neutral position and inhales while one slowly points the chin upwards. Avoid crossing a forty-five degree angle with the chin as one doesn’t want to overly stretch or impinge upon the back of your neck.

One can sense the frontal part of the shoulders and trunk open up. You then exhale again whilst bringing the chin downwards to the chest. Bear in mind that the chin doesn’t necessarily have to touch the chest. One can sense stretching in the upper portion of the back and shoulders. Now revert to neutral position and repeat the above steps. Cervical Warm Up

Neck Rotation

It aids in strengthening and stretching the cervical rotators which are muscles located in the sides of your neck while allaying any rigidity. Commence by being seated erect on a chair with palms on the knees and feet in contact with the ground. During inhalation the head ought to be turned to the left and held till 5 complete breaths. One then exhales while bringing the head to the center and repeating the same on the other side as well. Neck Rotation

Thoracic Back Twist

It aids in releasing muscles of the neck and thoracic back while being helpful in maintaining flexibility of the upper spinal area. The starting stance is being seated on an exercise mat with legs crossing over each over or the back rested erect on a chair. The right hand ought to be placed on the left knee and then the upper body rotated to the left till as much extent attainable while one looks over one’s left shoulder.

Try pressing against the left knee for deepening the twists. The posture is held for a minimum of twenty seconds prior to switching to the opposing side. Thoracic Back Twist


It is a Hatha yoga posture which proffers multitude of benefits such as open up the trunk, release the lower spinal area and facilitates extending the neck backwards for stretching the spinal column.   Initiate by lying in prone position or lying down on your belly and palms placed close to your underarms or on either sides of the thorax with elbows drawn inwards and pointing each other.

The forehead touches the ground in the starting position. During inhalation one presses steadfastly through the hands whilst rising up and tilting the chin back. Ensure that the leg and hip areas stay in contact with the ground. The pose is held till a count of three and then exhaling while gently lowering down the chest till it is bracing the ground and then releasing the hands. Bhujangasana