5 Various Critical Causes Of Chronic Synovitis


Critical Causes Of Chronic Synovitis

Synovitis means inflammation of membrane near synovial joints. This membrane is called synovial membrane. It is a fluid-filled membrane that helps in smooth movement of joints and also acts as a lubricant for synovial joints.

There are various factors that can result in chronic synovitis. Arthritis, joint trauma, repetitive stress injury, bacterial infection, and benign tumors near synovial joints are some of the main causes of chronic synovitis. Let us try to understand these causes in brief.

Causes Of Chronic Synovitis

Joint Trauma Causing Chronic Synovitis

Trauma means injury. Any kind of injury to the joints, direct or indirect, can result in synovitis. Most injuries caused due to accidents with resultant fractures take a long time to heal. Chronic synovitis, developed as a consequence of this, lasts for a long period of time. This is one of the main causes of synovitis. Joint trauma can occur due to various reasons like fall, motor vehicle accidents, or sports injuries. Trauma to the knee region during sports can also cause synovitis.

Sports Injuries

Arthritis Causing Chronic Synovitis

Arthritis means inflammation of joints. There are different types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and septic arthritis. Inflammation of synovial joints is a direct cause of synovitis.


Recent studies have shown a close connection between synovitis and diseases like osteoarthritis. Most forms of arthritis last for a very long period of time. This results in chronic synovitis causing pain and discomfort. Wear and tear of synovial joints in old age is also linked with synovitis.

Repetitive Stress Causing Synovitis

Repetitive stress is often a consequence of overusing extremities or any other part of body without rest or proper exercise. The most common types of repetitive tasks are related to upper extremities. These include typing or using hands for performing routine tasks. This can cause chronic synovitis near synovial joints of hands. Repetitive stress can also be a consequence of overuse of extremities by sportsmen during practice. Synovitis caused due to repetitive stress injury is often chronic in nature. This is because it is associated with the work that is being performed by the body part.

Repetitive Stress

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Diseases and Bacterial Infections Causing Chronic Synovitis

Bacterial infection of synovial joints is a very common cause of synovitis. Disease conditions like septic arthritis can cause severe synovitis with terrible pain. Bacteria are known to spread to different parts of human body through blood stream.

Bacterial Infection

Development of diseases like tuberculosis can cause bacterial infection in joints resulting in synovitis as a consequence. Chronic synovitis caused due to bacterial infections lasts for a long time. Other disease conditions like osteomyelitis are also known to cause synovitis.

Benign Tumor Causing Synovitis

Chronic synovitis is also caused due to growth of benign tumors near synovial joints. Abnormal growth of tumor affects anatomy of joints resulting in inflammation of synovial membrane and joints. Knee is the most common region that is affected by these kinds of tumors. Tumors grow at a very slow rate and last for a long period of time increasing the chronicity of synovitis. This condition often requires surgical intervention due to severe synovitis in the later stages.

Benign Tumor

There are various causes of synovitis. Chronic synovitis affects normal range of movement of joints. It is a long lasting condition which produces significant discomfort.