5 Various Causes Of Calcaneal Bursitis


Causes Of Calcaneal Bursitis

Calcaneal bursitis means inflammation of calcaneal bursa. Calcaneal bursa is present near heel bone. It is a fluid-filled sac that works to reduce intensity of shock when we walk. It also helps in reducing friction between tendons, bones, and muscles.

It acts as a shock absorber. Inflammation of calcaneal bursa is caused by various factors like accidents, injuries, repetitive stress and overuse of feet. Let us try to understand more about different causes of calcaneal bursitis.

Causes Of Calcaneal Bursitis

Injuries Causing Calcaneal Bursitis

Injuries are one of the primary causes for all types of bursitis. Any injury to heel bone or surrounding structure can result in bursitis. Injuries can be a consequence of accidents or simply a misstep that can affect the calcaneus bone. Bursitis is very common in sports-related injuries. Sports that require running and jumping can result in heel bone injuries causing calcaneal bursitis. Overuse of feet can also cause generalized bursitis in the foot, which can affect calcaneus bursa as well.

Injuries Causing Calcaneal Bursitis

Age-Related Causes Of Calcaneal Bursitis

There is significant reduction in proper functioning of human body with age. Osteoporosis, in old age, weakens bones and increases chances of joint issues like bursitis.


Development of osteoporosis is relatively more common in old-aged women than men. Diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis reduce the capacity of body to tolerate its own weight. This can result in pressure on calcaneus bone during walk. This is the reason why calcaneal bursitis is more common in old-aged individuals than young adults.

Repetitive Stress Injury Causing Calcaneal Bursitis

Repetitive use of extremities can cause bursitis in different regions. Similarly, continuous use of feet without rest can result in calcaneal bursitis. Excessive running, repetitive use of heel bone at work or at home can cause bursitis. Inflammation of bursa is often a consequence of chronic repetitive use or overuse of the affected part of body. However, repetitive stress causing bursitis is less common in calcaneus bone than other parts of extremities like olecranon bursitis and shoulder bursitis.

Repetitive Stress Injury

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High-Heel Footwear Causing Calcaneal Bursitis

The types of shoes we wear play a critical role in the development of inflammation near calcaneus bone. Recent studies have shown increased chances of young women developing inflammation of calcaneal bursa as a consequence of wearing high-heel shoes. Improper design of footwear can also cause heel bursitis due to pressure and friction.

Improper Shoes

High-heel shoes are known to increase pressure near heel-bone region. This is one of the primary causes of bursitis in young women. Certain sports footwear can also cause calcaneal bursitis due to improper cushioning of insoles.

Occupational Causes Of Calcaneal Bursitis

Certain job types like sewing and transcription require employees to use foot pedals. The tasks require repetitive use of foot to control foot pedal for long durations of time. Placing heel against hard surface during these tasks increases chances of developing calcaneal bursitis. Jobs like transcription require overuse of foot to control the speed of voice with foot pedal. This is also an important cause of bursitis near heel bone. Any industrial job that requires continuous use of heel without rest can result in bursitis. Calcaneal bursitis is relatively common in sportsmen and older adults. It affects calcaneus bursa and can cause significant discomfort. Rest and proper medical care can help patients who have calcaneal bursitis.

Occupational Causes