5 Various Causes Of Avascular Necrosis

Avascular Necrosis

Avascular Necrosis

This is a situation where the flow of blood is reduced or interrupted to a part of the bone. It may be caused by bone injury such as bone dislocation, fracture etc. This can reduce the flow of blood.

The pressure in the bone can be one more cause for the avascular necrosis to develop. The free flow of blood can be interrupted and cause a bone to weaken and ultimately die. This is a very serious cause of the avascular necrosis.

Causes Of Avascular Necrosis

Bone Or Joint Injury

When a certain section of the bone is injured the flow of blood is hampered or lessened causing the problem of avascular necrosis. If the blood cannot reach a give area of the bone then the bone dies ultimately. The treatment for cancer is also one cause for avascular necrosis. The blood vessels are weakened during the treatment. This on the other hand reduces the flow of blood and the avascular necrosis could be caused. The injury to the bone or dislocation and fracture is one big and vital cause in the avascular necrosis problem.

Bone Or Joint Injury

Pressure Inside The Bone Causes Avascular Necrosis

Gaucher’s disease or sickle cell anemia are medical conditions which prevent or make it hard for fresh blood to reach the bones.¬†This creates pressure inside the bone and causes great and serious problems in the bone.

sickle cell anemia

The bone does not receive blood and this creates pressure inside the bones. The disease does not allow the blood to enter causing pressure inside the bone.

The Use Of Chronic Corticosteroid

The use of these drugs causes nontraumatic avascular necrosis. It is not fully confirmed that why do these drugs cause it. But doctors are of the view that they do not allow fats to break down. This leading to the narrowing of the blood vessels and further adding to the reduction of flow to the bones. Having these drugs orally or otherwise has a huge influence to the bones. This is one cause for avascular necrosis.

Chronic Corticosteroid

Excess Consumption Of Alcohol

Consumption of excess alcohol is a big danger to you. Like corticosteroids, this also makes fat accumulate in your blood vessels causing blockage to the flow of blood. This again makes it difficult for the bones receive blood and eventually dies.

Excess Consumption Of Alcohol

Alcohol has caused a lot of problems and this is one. Making the blood impure and blocking the vessels narrow and difficult for it to send enough blood to the bones causes the problem of avascular necrosis.

Some Causes In General

Things like blood clots, damaged blood vessels and inflammation harness the flow of blood to the bone. Decompression is a state in which all of a sudden there is a reduction of blood in the body creating air bubbles in the blood. This causes interruption in the flow of blood to the bones. Pancreatitis is the state in which when there is inflammation of the pancreas, collection of fatty substances in the blood is a cause for the above mentioned problem.

general cause

There are many, many causes leading to the problem of avascular necrosis. We have tried to state a few above and give you a brief idea of the causes. There are about 20,000 people every year across the world who is suffering with avascular necrosis. HIV, sickle disease etc. are also some causes which act of the development of avascular necrosis. Avascular necrosis also known as osteonecrosis has many causes and researchers are looking into it. The blood not flowing to the bones for several reasons has been one of the main reasons for avascular necrosis, osteonecrosis.