Various Causes Of Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive CapsulitisAdhesive capsulitis is a medical term for frozen shoulder. This is a painful and a disorder which is a rare phenomenon for people under the age of 40. It is a disorder in the shoulder tissues around the joint that lessens movement which in turn makes it stiff, further on causing tremendous pain to the sufferer.

This is frustrating to most of the patients and family members because of the slow results and recovery. At night the pain is more giving less sleep to the patients suffering and the pain level is more during colder seasons.

Causes Of Adhesive Capsulitis

The Cause In Particular Not Known

There is no particular cause for this. But, a lot of research has given us some idea of the causes. Adhesive capsulitis can be caused by injuries which one suffered; in the case of diabetic people, or fracture in general people. When the fracture is not treated well and kept unnoticed then on a long run on may pick up this disorder. Though a person having diabetes can catch this condition but there is no certain answer as to why they are more likely to sustain it.

Recent Surgery Or Fracture

A recent surgery or fracture in the arm or shoulder area may reduce the movement of the area. This may lead to causing adhesive capsulitis and make things worse.

Recent fracture


The tissues near the area which received medical attention is on a recovery stage and takes time to heal. Most of the tissues in the area are damaged which may lead to picking up this disorder of adhesive capsulitis. Risk is there for picking up this pain giving disorder.

Cause Of A Stroke

A stroke can have a lot of damaging effect on a person. It can cripple a person for life by making the person paralyzed fully or partially. By a stroke one can even get the disorder of adhesive capsulitis. When a person gets a stroke it might hamper their arm area and weaken their tissues in that area which can be a ground for this pain bearing effect to be created and function. Although all strokes may not lead to it but some may. This might be a cause for getting the adhesive capsulitis.

The Age Cause For Adhesive Capsulitis

As many of you may be aware that with age one faces a lot of difficulties and problems in the body. Age makes one prone to many diseases because the organs of the body does not have enough strength to control it. When a person ages the bones become fragile and sensitive. If a person has the slightest of injury during old age say 45 and above this disorder of adhesive capsulitis may develop and cause much more difficulty for one.

Diseases That Can Cause Adhesive Capsulitis

Diseases of the heart, thyroid and Parkinson can cause this disorder. Over active thyroid or under active thyroid may cause this pain and frustrating shoulder problem.


The Parkinson disease gives rise to postural problem and this may lead to the problem of adhesive capsulitis. The body and bones tend to weaken by the above mentioned diseases and so there are a lot of chances that they cause this disorder.

This disorder is mostly found in women which have a percentage of 70 for the record. They are the largest group which has the problem of adhesive capsulitis or in layman term frozen shoulder. The adhesive capsulitis makes a person suffer tremendous pain. The person loses sleep due to this pain at night and then a lot of other complications develop. No proper mobility and stiffness gets the person frustrated. All the person has to do is wait for the area to recover and keep composure. This disorder is a real pain giver and makes people helpless and the sufferer the victim of pain.

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