3 Ultrasonic Treatment For Arthritis


Ultrasonic Treatment For Arthritis

Due to the stressful life of today’s world, Arthritis and related difficulties are troubling quite a large number of people. People are often caught young by this ailment, which if left uncared gives trouble that will hamper with even day-to-day activities.

Among the various management methodology adopted in treating arthritis, Ultrasonic treatment has been found to be very effective in managing the pain that too without any other side effects. Ultrasound therapy not only reduces pain but also makes healing faster.

What is Ultrasonic Treatment?

Ultrasonic waves are sound energy waves of frequency more than 20000 Hertz. These waves are generated by the ultrasound machine and applied on the patient’s skin in the affected area using a round-headed probe that makes contact with the skin. In order to reduce friction of the surface and aid uniform wave transmission, gel is applied on the skin surface before the therapy.

What Is Utrasonic Treatment

How do Ultrasonic Waves Act?

Arthritis in patients is accompanied by swelling and pain in joints consequential to the inflammation. The decreased blood flow and accumulation of waste material increases the pain in that area. While ultrasonic waves are made to act on the body surface, depending on their frequency, they reach various depths into the body muscles.

Ultrasonic waves cause the mast cells of the body to release a compound called Histamine along with other chemical mediators. These compounds play a major role in attracting neutrophils and monocytes to the area of inflammation, and initiates healing process in the area of inflammation.

Ultrasonic treament

The pulses of the Ultrasonic waves act deep in the muscles, increases blood circulation and thus help in pain management. The sound waves act on the tendons and soft tissue of the affected area by stimulating them using gentle vibrations. This and mild heat generated helps to relieve inflammation and pain. The increased blood flow in the affected area brings in more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue, promotes detoxification and thus alleviates pain.

Can Ultrasonic Waves alone Cure arthritis?

No. Definitely not. It should be noted that ultrasonic waves if applied on a regular basis will bring down acute pain but does not serve the role of a curative drug. But regular use of ultrasonic waves during the treatment makes healing process twice as fast. Most often when a patient approaches a physician with pain in joints due to arthritis, the doctor will put him on pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

These medicines have many side-effects which will create mental and physical strain to the patient. Not only that, the pain relievers only help in camouflaging the pain and do not cure the pain. Whereas ultrasonic waves are relatively less harmful and comes as an immediate relief to patients suffering from severe arthritic pain.


Nowadays, apart from the ultrasonic treatment available at physiotherapy centers and clinics, portable ultrasonic machines are also available that helps patients to take the treatment on their own at home. A regular regimen of ultrasonic treatment along with proper medication will go a long way in treating Arthritis and related discomforts.