6 Treatment For Basal Thumb Arthritis


Treatment For Basal Thumb Arthritis

If you are on the risk of arthritis and suddenly your thumb has become painful basal thumb arthritis might be the real culprit. The basal thumb arthritis affects the joints that connect the thumb with the wrist so influences the motion of thumb and wrist. Since thumb and the basal joints help you grasp objects and function your wrist, basal thumb arthritis can make it painful to perform the easiest tasks. Various anti-inflammatory drugs, surgical and other treatments can take the pain off your daily tasks.

Treatments for Basal Thumb Arthritis

Oral Medication

Pain relieving and anti inflammatory medicines can be very affective to control the basal arthritis pain. Pain killer and fever reducer drugs like Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and other over the counter pain reducer drugs can be taken as per physician’s advice. Most of these drugs have possible side effects like drowsiness, fatigue so avoid driving and doing industrial work until its affect wears off.

Drugs like acetaminophen can be responsible for sever lever damage if taken in high volume for a long period of time. So discuss your options with your physician before you start taking any oral medication.

Oral Medication


Oral medication can provide you timely relief but if you forget to pop up the pill one day the pain might come back. Experts suggest a dose of cortisone injection for a longer relief. Depending on your situation one dose of cortisone injection can provide you pain relief that will last for months. Due to its high cost many people shy away from cortisone treatment but the truth is the treatment gives you an extended relief in minimum cost.



When the cartilage in the basal joints slowly starts to diminish due to inflation the joints becomes weak and sore. Various kind of wooden and plastic splint can support your wrist and thumb and help you perform your routine tasks like brushing, writing and eating. These customized splints are easily available in the pharmacy stores these days.


Physical Therapy

The soreness in the basal arthritis affected joints mostly occurs when they remain inactive for a long period of time. Exercising your basal joints is an easy and interesting way to keep the pain at bay. Specially designed exercises that involve thumb and wrist movement can help to strengthen the joints.

Physical therapy

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Application of Heat or Cold

Heat transformation has been proven very effective in treating soreness and bruising due to inflation. Applying a hot pack on a jam and tender joint may help to elevate the pain. On the other hand cold patches or ice packs can help to reduce puffiness and redness caused by inflammation.

Hot And Cold Compress

Surgical Treatment

If non-surgical treatments do not yield any impressive results for you then may be it is time to tackle your basal thumb arthritis more seriously. Experts have designed various surgical procedures to treat the arthritis affected basal joints but sadly none of them promise full flexibility of the wrist.

However, most surgeries like joint fusion, osteotomy and trapeziectomy promise significant relief in pain and improve the overall wrist motion. After the surgery a patient is advised to rest the operated wrist for 8-12 weeks but it may take several months to resume maximum motion of the wrist.

Surgrical Treatment