4 Treatment Of Arthritis Using Pectin


Treatment Of Arthritis Using Pectin

Pectin is a soluble fiber that is naturally available in apple, banana, grapes, and citrus fruits and in some vegetables. No scientific study was identified to be involved in proving the effectiveness of pectin on sore joints. The treatment with pectin is believed and spread as word of mouth since many years.

One of the scientific reasons behind the positive impact of pectin on arthritis pain is that it can bind with any metal in the joint and remove it from that position to reduce the pain. Apart from this, there are a few other reasons for using pectin in the treatment of joint pain. Some of them are explained here.

Pectin for Arthritis Treatment

Pectin Rejuvenates the Synovial Fluid and Connective Tissue

The joint is surrounded by a connective tissue known as synovia. Synovia helps the joint to move smoothly and makes the joint to remain painless while moving. In the aged people, synovial fluid loses lubrication capacity and causes pain and swelling. Pectin is known to enhance the smoothness, elasticity and lubricating capacity of the synovial tissue and other connective tissues. Hence, the joint pain is relieved to some extent.

Pectin Rejuvenates

The results are observed positively when pectin is taken consistently for about one to three weeks. After pectin starts to function, daily intake of 2gms per day will work for all the 24 hours in the day. The relation between pectin and connective tissue is explained in the book written by Dr. Katherine Poehlmann on rheumatoid arthritis.

Pectin is Consumed In Gelatinous Form

To decrease the joint soreness, it is suggested to eat pectin in the form of gelatin. The results of this way of consumption were very much positive as many people who used it reported reduction in pain.

Pectin is Consumed In Gelatinous Form

Association of Pectin With Arthritis

The exact reason for pectin to reduce the pain in joints is not been explained properly till today. But, the studies conducted by memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have revealed the effect of pectin on the treatment of diarrhea, in treating some cancers, and in reducing cholesterol. The scientific study on the impact of pectin on Arthritis was not specifically done anywhere.

Association of Pectin With Arthritis

London South Bank University has described that pectin helps the flow of fluid into and out of the cells. Pectin helps in binding the cells together according to the research done in this university. The property of pectin to regulate the cellular water flow is probably involved in the role of pectin to reduce the pain in joints. It is all a theory until any scientific proof emerges to explain the exact mechanism involved in pectin relieving Arthritic pain.

Nevertheless, it is reported that several people who practiced pectin therapy for Arthritis were able to get relief from the problem. This is a satisfactory part of the story to say to some extent that pectin has some role in relieving joint pain.

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Procedure for Preparing the Mixture of Pectin

Pectin is available in the grocery shops as an extract. The pectin remedy for Arthritis has to be prepared using liquid Certo pectin and grape juice. If the person using it is already on any other medication, then it is safe to tell the physician about it and get his suggestion regarding usage of pectin.

Mixture of Pectin

To prepare the treatment mixture, one tablespoon of liquid pectin is required to be added to one cup of grape juice in the morning of every day. Some pharmacies suggest the Arthritis patients to add two teaspoons of pectin in three ounces of grape juice and to take it for three times in a day. If the Arthritis severity is high then it is reported that three times a day would be a good start and then slowly reduced to once per day when symptoms decrease gradually.