4 Treatment For Basal Arthritis


Treatment For Basal Arthritis

Basal arthritis is a disease that is affected on the basal joints. This is a disease that is highly curable. There are many treatments for this disease. The type of treatment which is recommended to the patients of this disease will depend up on various features. The health of the patient, age and lifestyle will be considered while selecting the type of treatment.

The main treatment methods are the use of splints, medications, injections and surgeries. The seriousness of the disease is also a factor of the determination of the type of treatment for basal arthritis. Sometimes the doctors may combine more than one type of treatment to make a good result.

Best Treatment For Basal Arthritis

Use Of Splints

Use of splints is a good option to decrease the pain of basal arthritis. Most of the doctors consider the use of splints as the first option for the treatment of basal arthritis as it is easy. The splints can decrease the pain in the basal region which the arthritis is affected. The use of splints will also help to position the basal properly so that it will prevent the basal from pain. Resting the joint is very important in the treatments of all types of arthritis. So it is important in basal arthritis also. The use of splints on the basal region will help to provide rest to the joints. Doctors will recommend the period to use the splints. Sometimes the period of use of splints will be the whole day or sometimes it will be only the night.



There are different types of medicines used for the treatment of basal arthritis. The mostly recommended medicine for the treatment of basal arthritis is Acetaminphen as it has fewer side effects when compared to other pain killers.

Another type of medicine used in this is Nonsertoidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They can relive pain while decreasing inflammation. There are many more medicines used for the treatment of basal arthritis that is in the category of pain killers.


Injecting Medicines

Sometimes the consumption of pain killers might not relive the pain. So the doctors will consider corticosteroid injections in such cases. The injection will be on the basal joints. The use of these injections is that it will decrease the pain. For a short period, it will relieve the pain. It will also help to decrease inflammation. In most of the cases these injections will take action and decrease the pain.


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There are many cases in which all the other treatments will become useless. In such cases the only option in front of the doctors will be surgery. Surgeries will be recommended if there is no relief with the other treatments.

Surgeries will be considered also when it becomes difficult to bend or move the basal joint.  There is various types of surgeries for the treatment of basal arthritis. The common surgeries for curing basal arthritis are joint fusion, Osteotomy, joint replacement and Trapeziectomy.


Combination Of Treatments

The doctors will try their best to cure basal arthritis without a surgery. For that sometimes they will combine two or more treatment method and cure the disease completely.