Top 9 Back Strain Causes

Back Strain

Back Strain Back strain is the most common cause leading to lower back pain. When back muscles get abnormally stretched or torn, it leads to straining of the lower back muscles resulting in lumbar strain. Depending upon the severity of muscle strain, it takes healing time of around 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

Back pain due to muscle strain sore with any kind of movement and reduces with rest. People between the age group of 30-60 are more prone to getting back strain problems. Some of the main causes leading to Back Strain are-

Back Strain Causes

Lifting Heavy Weights

Lifting an object which is too heavy on a regular basis can lead to overloading of the back muscles. The muscles may get stretched up beyond the limits resulting in either minor or major tear of back muscles.

Sudden movements

Sudden twisting or bending movement can sometimes lead to back strain. The back muscles get strained up resulting in severe back pain.

Improper Lifting Or Incorrect Bending Techniques

Poor and incorrect bending and lifting techniques may lead to back strain or injury. Such kind of injury generally occurs in the workplace while trying to lift heavy objects especially when the workers are not taught correct lifting techniques.

Improper Lifting Or Incorrect Bending


When one lifts heavy objects in an incorrect manner, it will lead to greater stress to the back muscles resulting in tearing or straining of the back muscles.

Sports Injuries

Sports like tennis, football and racquetball requires exaggerated movement of the back muscles and spinal cord. A lot of pressure is put on the back muscles while playing such sports. Players who suffer back injuries while playing result in straining up their back muscles. Also, players who do not warm up well before playing are more prone to back strain.


Falling is one of the most common causes of back strain. When a person falls suddenly, the body muscles especially the back muscles gets strained up leading to severe body and back pain.


People, who are well-toned are less prone to back injuries and straining problems than people who are obese. The heavy body weight adds strain to the back making the body unbalanced and more prone to back straining problems.

Poor Posture

In case of poor and incorrect body postures, like while slouching in chairs or standing in an incorrect posture for longer period of time, the entire weight of the body rests on the pelvic and back portion of the body leading to weakened and strained up back muscles.

Improper Exercising

Changing the workout intensity and weights too soon and too fast is also one of the reasons which may lead to back strain. Not warming up and not stretching well before a workout can put the person at high risk of getting the back muscles strained up. Also sometimes, over exercising or exercising for a very long period can also result in back strain problems.

Driving For Long Periods

Driving for long periods without any break can also strain the back muscles that can lead to severe back pain.