Top 6 Causes Of Polymyalgia Rhematica


Polymyalgia Rhematica
Polymyalgia Rhematica is a muscle disorder that leads to severe muscle pain and stiffness. It is usually observed in both sides of the body, mostly affecting shoulders, arms, hips and neck. This medical condition can catch you unawares, where you could be healthy throughout your life, until you get up with certain stiffness in the neck or shoulders.

This condition can cause weakness and loss of sensation in the affected area. Many times, people suffering from this medical condition can also experience muscle tenderness. It is observed that this medical ailment troubles people who are over the age of 50 years. The diagnosis of this ailment is marked by the history and certain physical check up, before confirming that a person has developed Polymyalgia Rhematica.

There is no exact known cause for Polymyalgia Rhematica, but researchers believe that the immune system and the genetics play a tremendous role for a person to develop this ailment. Understanding different possible causes can help us reason or relate different symptoms of this ailment.

Understanding the Causes of Polymyalgia Rhematica

Immune System

The malfunction of the immune system in a body is considered to be one of the main causes of Polymyalgia Rhematica. In this ailment, the immune system itself, attacks the healthy cells and tissues of the body, mistakenly considering them to be as foreign bodies. In Polymyalgia Rhematica, the white blood cells present in the body attacks the lining of the joints, which lead to inflammation of the affected area.

immune system


Heredity is also an important cause of Polymyalgia Rhematica. Studies suggest that several genetic factors play an important role in the possibility of a person to develop this ailment. People with the HLA-DR4 type of human leucocyte antigen in their bodies are known to have higher risks of Polymyalgia Rhematica.


It is widely observed that people who have a family history of Polymyalgia Rhematica are more susceptible of developing this illness than those individuals who do not have any trace of this disease in their immediate family.


Several viruses are also considered to cause Polymyalgia Rhematica. Studies suggest that different viral infection caused due to adenovirus is one of the causes of this ailment.

Parvovirus B-19

This virus is known to cause respiratory infections. In addition, human parainfluenza virus attacks people to cause this medical condition. Also, the human parvovirus B19 is a common virus that leads to Polymyalgia Rhematica.

Food Sensitivities

A number of food sensitivities can also cause the Polymyalgia Rhematica. In many cases of food sensitivities, people fail to recognize that they may be affected by eating certain food items and continue eating them until it is verified through different medical tests.

Food senstivities


Though it is not a very common cause of Polymyalgia Rhematica, but cancer can also lead to this ailment. The cancer can initiate a swelling as the immune response, causing the symptoms of this type of muscle disorder.



Infections can also lead to this medical ailment causing pain and swelling in the affected area. Many times different infectious diseases lead to this muscular disorder, where the symptoms can occur in phases, suggesting a viral infection.