Top 5 Symptoms Of Adult Onset Still’s Disease

Adult Onset Still's Disease

Adult Onset Still's DiseaseAdult onset Still’s disease is a medical condition that involves inflammation, sore throat, fever and many other related problems. It is considered to be a rare form of arthritis that causes joint pain only after the development of other symptoms. This disease leads to problems in several joints and internal organs. In addition, it may affect other body parts too. 

Adult onset Still’s disease is often known to develop before people reach 45 years of age but some people can experience it in later phase of life as well. The main cause that triggers this disease is still unknown but many attribute its cause to a virus or an infectious agent. Understanding the various symptoms of Adult onset Still’s disease helps diagnose this disease at an early stage that eventually leads to early treatment of the disease.

Important Symptoms Of Adult Onset Still’s Disease


Rashes are also a common symptom of Adult onset Still’s disease. A pink rash is usually observed in this disease, which often goes away with fever. You may notice rashes on your arms, legs or trunk. In many cases, any physical contact like rubbing of the skin can provoke rashes to appear. Rashes are often confused with other ailments such as measles but make sure you look out for other symptoms like painful and swollen joints along with salmon-pink rashes to consider it as Adult onset still’s disease.

Sore Throat

Sore throat, which can be constant, burning and severe, is observed to be one of the early symptoms of Adult onset still’s disease. It may also bring along throat pain. Adult onset Still’s disease may lead to swelling of lymph nodes in the neck.

Sore Throat

Though sore throat is considered to be a very common symptom of common cold and flu, it is often ignored and people seldom recognize that sore throat can be a symptom of a rare form of arthritis.


Fever is yet another crucial symptom that can help diagnose Adult onset Still’s disease. People suffering from this disease often tend to experience fever every day that can go up to 102 F or beyond. Fever is observed to stay on and off on a regular basis for about a week or even longer in extreme cases.


The fever in Adult onset Still’s disease usually reaches its peak during the later afternoon or evening. In some cases, fever may spike twice a day. In this disease, fever may return to a normal temperature before hitting the peak again, so it is essential to keep a track of the high and low temperatures every day.

Painful- Swollen Joints

Pain and swelling in the joints are considered to be the main symptoms of this rare kind of arthritis also called the Adult onset still’s disease.

Painful- Swollen Joints

You may experience pain and inflammation in your wrists, knees, hands, ankles, elbows and shoulders. Pain and swollen joints may accompany stiffness in the affected joints. The discomfort is observed to stay for at least two weeks.

Muscular Pain

Muscular pain is often associated with Adult onset Still’s disease and is usually observed to come and go with fever. In some cases, the muscular pain may be severe and could disrupt the daily activities. If you observe this symptom for a couple of days along with any other symptom then it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Kasturi Jha