5 Common Symptoms Of Shigella Arthritis


Common Symptoms Of Shigella Arthritis

Shigella is a group of bacteria named after the scientist who invented it that causes gastroenteritis – an infection that affects the bowels or intestines of human. When Shigella enters one’s body, it induces diarrhea which may last for several days, and it takes a week for the symptoms to appear. It is possible to spread the bacteria through contaminated food and water. If the Shigella infected person is not maintaining utmost personal hygiene, it is certain that, the bacteria will pass on his/her close contacts.

The usual problem with diarrhea is dehydration and the remedy is to rehydrate the body by drinking adequate water or juice. Rarely, when Shigella infects the guts of one’s intestines, other parts of the body reacts to the infection which may cause arthritis.

Most Common Symptoms Of Shigella Arthritis

Hot And Swollen Joints

Arthritis usually occurs rapidly at knee joint or ankles; while, joints become hot and swollen as a result of fluid collection. Though it is not with the same severity as in the case of of ankles and knees, wrists and fingers, and other joints are affected.

Swollen Joints

It is not an uncommon feeling of severe pain in joints that are not inflamed, but sometimes, the tendon that attaches to the bone becomes inflamed. It is very common to feel the pain at the heel area.

Conjunctivitis And Urethritis

Conjunctivitis and Urethritis are the other symptoms of Shigella arthritis, which is usually conjunctivitis that appears shortly after the onset of Arthritis. It is the inflammation of the mucous membrane that envelops the eyeball. It presents the redness of the eyes, pain and irritation as well as blurred vision.


Urethritis is the inflammation of the urinary tract. In men, there may be penile discharge, pain during urination and blood in the urine. In females, inflammation of cervix and pain during intercourse are noticed. The symptoms of Shigela arthritis vary, and in majority cases, the affected persons recover within a year. But, there are cases that lasts for years, and sometimes it may require a change in one’s work.

Reactive Complication

Shigella arthritis, which is known as reactive arthritis, is caused as a result of the reaction taking place in other parts of the body when person is infected with Shigella. Arthritis and conjunctivitis are the most common symptoms, and these symptoms may appear one to four weeks after the infection and may appear severely or may appear slowly. It is not uncommon to appear the symptom after years since the initial infection.

Reactive Complication

Affects Joints Of The Back

Shigella arthritis can affect the vertebra; while, Spondylitis is the visible form of it, where the vertebra, disks and ligaments in the spinal cord are inflamed as well as neck pain and stiffness are associated with it.

Back Pain

This severe pain usually occurs in the person, especially when the person sleeps or takes rests. But, at the same time, it is also observed that, walking for some time can decrease the pain and brings relief from the affected part.

Painless Skin Rashes

In some people the symptoms appear as skin rashes on the soles of the feet and palms and other places. Usually, these rashes occur in men at the private place like a penis. In certain cases, there can be mouth ulcers with pain or sometimes, these mouth ulcers are found without pain too; but, it will vanish without any treatment.

Skin Rashes