Top 5 Causes Of Spondylosis Arthritis In Children

Top 5 Causes Of Spondylosis Arthritis In Children

Top 5 Causes Of Spondylosis Arthritis In Children Spondylosis arthritis, commonly known as Spondylosis, is a syndrome that causes acute pain in the back due to the displacement of the vertebra. It usually affects people who are above 40 years, but it can also affect children. Spondylosis arthritis mostly hits children in their neck and back.

Though, it is not so common in children, Spondylosis arthritis can develop in kids who are very active in sports, especially gymnastics. There are a number of causes that can lead to this painful ailment in children.

Main Causes of Spondylosis Arthritis in Children

Hyper-Extension of the Back

Spondylosis arthritis in children is often caused by the hyper-extension of the back. Many children who regularly participate in sports that need to bend their backs in the backward direction are mostly reported to suffer from Spondylosis arthritis. Little gymnasts are believed to be at the highest risks of developing this disorder at an early age.


An injury caused in some accident can also lead to Spondylosis arthritis in children. It may happen that, after an injury the discs of the spine gets injured and leads to inflammation. The inflammation can cause acute pain and debilitate the ability to do daily chores with ease.

Degenerative Disc Disease

The disintegration of intervertebral fibrocartilage or intervertebral discs of the spine is called the degenerative disc disease. This disorder can cause acute pain and discomfort in the spine and neck, which can gradually radiate to the hips, buttocks, thighs. This can also cause a tingling effect in your knees. Children have high levels of water content in their disks.

Top 5 Causes Of Spondylosis Arthritis In Children


When the spinal discs begin to lose water, it initiates the degeneration of the discs, making them weak in the process. This builds pressure in the facet joints, which further leads to the degeneration and causes Spondylosis arthritis. The degeneration of disc is often considered to be a sign of aging, but it can also cause severe discomfort to children. This problem can increase manifolds, if left untreated, affecting the quality of life.

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Children suffering from any form of arthritis are at a higher risk of developing Spondylosis arthritis than those kids who have not developed arthritis. There are a number of different types of arthritis that can lead to Spondylosis arthritis in children. For instance, children suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are susceptible to developing Spondylosis arthritis at an early age.

Wear and Tear

Top 5 Causes Of Spondylosis Arthritis In Children


Wear and tear of cartilage and joints of the bones in the spine can lead to Spondylosis arthritis in kids. When the cartilage begins to degenerate as a natural process of overuse due to several reasons, it often causes this painful disorder in children.

The discs that work as cushions to the bones for several years, gradually lose the ability to protect the spinal bones and lead to this syndrome. The bones start to rub against each other and lead to the growth of the bones, known as the bone spurs. These bone spurs grow to fill the place of the missing cartilage. They often tend to press the spinal cord, which leads to discomfort and pain.

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