Top 5 Causes Of Rheumatory Arthritis


Causes Of Rheumatory Arthritis

Rheumatory arthritis, commonly known as the Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune illness that leads to severe inflammation of the joints causing acute joint pain. Though the causes of Rheumatory arthritis remains unknown, it is believed that in this medical condition, the immune system itself attacks the healthy tissues of the body and causes numerous health issues.

It is known to cause swelling of the tissues around different joints, but it can also affect other organs at the same time. In many cases, people suffering from Rheumatory arthritis also experience major damage of the bone, cartilage, and ligaments. This often leads to lifelong deformity of the joints.

Rheumatory arthritis can affect the joints in its early stages or can gradually damage them. It is observed to trouble women more than men. In the progressive destruction of the joints due to Rheumatory arthritis, the damage need not correlate with the intensity of the pain, inflammation or stiffness of the joints. The use and abuse of the joints over the years often lead to this chronic medical ailment.

Main Causes of Rheumatory Arthritis


Genetics play an important role in causing Rheumatory arthritis. It affects either by increasing a person’s susceptibility towards developing the symptoms or by worsening the condition of the patient already suffering from this ailment. In many cases, it is observed that a person with a history of Rheumatory arthritis in the family is likely to suffer from this ailment.


Human Leukocyte Antigen or HLA is known to be one of the most significant genetic factors associated with Rheumatory arthritis. The different genetic factors may not cause this condition, but they certainly can aggravate the condition, once it is developed.

Misdirected Immune System

Rheumatory arthritis is often caused due to one’s own misdirected immune system. In this situation, the immune system, known to protect a person from different infections starts attacking the healthy cells of the body causing several medical complications.

Misdirected Immune System

Inadvertently, the immune system attacks the lining of the membranes surrounding the joints. It leads to the weakening of the ligament and tendons holding the joints together, which in turn leads to joint deformities.

Infectious Agents

Several infectious agents such viruses, bacteria and numerous fungi are known to cause the Rheumatory arthritis. In addition, E.coli, the most common intestinal bacteria is observed to be a part of the synovial fluid of the patient suffering from this condition, which makes it a potent susceptible cause of this ailment. Also, other triggers such as Mycoplasma, retroviruses, parvo virus B19, and Epstein Barr virus may also cause the Rheumatory arthritis.


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Environmental Triggers

Many environmental factors such as over exposure to silica mineral and certain periodontal disease may cause Rheumatory arthritis. It is observed that people exposed to rock drilling or known to work in the field of stone crushing have higher risks of Rheumatory arthritis.

Environmental Triggers

Smoking and Obesity

Smoking and lack of regular exercise often leads to Rheumatory arthritis. In addition, the sedentary lifestyle also aggravates this condition. In many cases, it is observed that obesity forms the basis of this medical condition. Obesity increases the load on the joint causing severe joint pains.