5 Causes Of Churg-Strauss Syndrome


Causes Of Churg-Strauss Syndrome

Churg-strauss syndrome is one of the types of diseases in which the blood vessels get inflamed. Patients who had suffered from allergy or asthma in the past are more likely to get affected with churg-strauss syndrome. Cause behind churg-strauss syndrome is considered to be an abnormal activation of immune system. Exact causes of churg-strauss syndrome are still not known. It is thought that there may be multiple factors responsible for causing churg-strauss syndrome.

Symptoms associated with churg-strauss syndrome include inflammation of nasal passage, fever, fatigue, loss of weight, shortness of breath, pain in the chest and cough etc. Inflammation of blood vessel in the abdomen can also lead to pain and diarrhea. It can also result in nerve injury which can cause weakness of extremities. Below are listed some of the causes that may result in churg-strauss syndrome.

Top Causes Of Churg-Strauss Syndrome

Leukotriene Modifiers

Consumption of leukotriene modifiers can be the cause of churg-strauss syndrome in asthma patients. Leukotriene modifiers are the medications taken by the patients of asthma. But still the relation between these medications and churg-strauss syndrome is yet to be discovered.

Leukotriene Modifiers

It has to be cleared whether these medications are the exact cause behind churg-strauss syndrome or the severity of asthma disease in the patients that might have led to churg-strauss syndrome.

Genetic Reason

Combination of genes can be one of the causes associated with churg-strauss syndrome. This may trigger overactive immune response. Abnormal response of immune system is harmful for healthy tissue rather than pathogens.

Genetic Reason

This can cause inflammation of blood vessels and hence can cause churg-strauss syndrome. It is thought that there may be a genetic reason behind the disease. But the disease has never been found to occur in two members of the same family.

Steroid Medications

Switching the steroid medications may cause churg-strauss syndrome. When people switch from lower dose oral systemic steroids to the inhaled steroid medications, this can result in churg-strauss syndrome.

Steroid Medications

Still the reason behind this has not been confirmed yet and has not been proved. The connection between these medications and churg-strauss syndrome has to be cleared yet.

Industrial Solvents & Drug Sensitivity

Industrial solvents are some of the environmental factors associated with churg-strauss syndrome. These industrial solvents may play a role in causing churg-strauss syndrome. But there’s no evidence proving that infection caused by environmental factors is the main cause behind churg-strauss syndrome.

Industrial Solvents

Drug sensitivities may be the reasons responsible for causing churg-strauss syndrome. Sensitivities to the drugs like penicillin, iodides, mesalazine and penicillamine etc. in some of the patients may cause churg-strauss syndrome.

Allergens & Other Diseases

It is considered that allergens may be one of the causes behind churg-strauss syndrome. Allergens are the environment triggers that can lead to churg-strauss syndrome. These allergens can result in overactive immune response.


If the patients are suffering from some of the diseases, it may cause churg-strauss syndrome in them. These diseases include asthma, raised levels of immunoglobulin E and eosinophilia that can result in allergic reactions. These allergic reactions may be the cause of churg-strauss syndrome.