Top 5 Causes Of Arthritis In Children

Arthritis in children

Arthritis in children Children are affected with one of the kinds of arthritis which is called Juvenile Arthritis. It is an autoimmune disorder which is characterised by symptoms viz. pain, stiffness, high fever, skin rashes and joint swelling. Feet, knees and hands are mostly affected parts of body with juvenile arthritis. Severe cases of arthritis can lead to inflammation of eyes and problems in growth. In the condition of Juvenile Arthritis, immune system gets affected and it attacks body’s cells rather than attacking the pathogens.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is one of the common types of arthritis that has been found to occur in the younger girls of the ages up to sixteen years. It is also commonly known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Some children experience arthritis symptoms for few months while some may experience these symptoms for their whole lives. The symptoms are mostly present in the children for at least six weeks. Though there are no exact causes of Juvenile Arthritis known but some of the causes related to that are as follows.

Causes Of Arthritis In Children

Environment Factor

Environmental Factors responsible for Arthritis in children

Scientists are also of the opinion that environmental factors may be the reason behind arthritis in children. They are studying about various environmental factors that can cause arthritis. Development of arthritis may be the result of some environmental factors. Exposure to a trigger or an infection may develop arthritis in the children.

Arthritis Frequency In Siblings

It has been found that there is high frequency of occurrence of juvenile arthritis in siblings. If an identical sibling is twin is affected with arthritis, there is high risk that it gets developed in other identical twin by 25%-40%. In case of non-identical siblings, if one is affected with juvenile arthritis, then there is 15 to 30 times increased risk of development of arthritis.

Abnormal Immune System

Scientific evidence of biological and clinical manifestations suggests that cell based and humeral based immune system gets affected and attacks the body’s own immune response.

Abnormal immune system

It has been demonstrated by the rheumatologists that immune system reacts against the structures of the body. Malfunctioning of the immune system can lead to inflammation which can result in joint damage.

Genetic Reason

Genetic factor has a major cause in a number of diseases. It is thought the genetic factor may be related to the development of disease. Scientists suggest that some of the affected genes get passed from parents to the children. These genes are responsible for causing juvenile arthritis in the children. Genetic factor is considered to be one of the causes associated with arthritis in children.


It is also suggested that a virus may be responsible for causing juvenile arthritis. Virus may trigger the symptoms of arthritis in the children. Infection of virus can weaken the immune system of the patients.

Virus and bacteria responsible for arthritis

It can cause certain mutations in the genes that can make the body of the patient more susceptible to environmental factors. Research shows that individuals who may have the chance to get affected with arthritis can develop the disease if exposed to triggers like virus.