7 Symptoms Of Lyme Arthritis


Symptoms Of Lyme Arthritis

Lyme disease is the result of an infection caused by a bacterium called Borrelia Burgdorferi that falls under spirochete classification. This resides in the ticks and when these infected ticks bite you, you get the Lyme disease.

Usually there are three stages in this disease that would be diagnosed based on the various symptoms of the condition. Make a note of different Lyme arthritis symptoms that occur at different stages so that you can safeguard yourself.

Early Symptoms Of Lyme Arthritis

Once you have been infected with the bacteria causing Lyme arthritis, these symptoms surface within a short period of one month.

Skin Rashes

You would see a small reddish bum at the tick bite site, which would gradually develop a rash like appearance. The rashes would grow along with the redness and it will look like a ring around the tick bite bump and later it will take the form of a bull’s eye pattern. This rash is also called as erythema migrans, which is a classic symptom of the Lyme disease. You might also develop such rashes on various parts of your body.

Skin Rashes

Flu like Symptoms

You would experience various symptoms like that of flu. These Lyme arthritis symptoms might occur together or as a single one along with the rash. The symptoms are fever, chills, head ache, body ache and fatigue.


Cardiac Symptoms

If you haven’t taken the Lyme disease seriously, then these symptoms have a chance to surface among 8% of the patients. This symptom would trigger heart inflammation in the heart muscles and the tissues, which would hinder the convey of electric impulses by your heart or it might also cause heart blockage. This can reduce the normal heart beat and might even cause fainting and light headedness. Sometimes, these symptoms might not surface at all in a few patients.

Heart Disease

Neurologic Symptoms

From time to time, you will experience stiff neck or severe headache when there is an inflammation in the meninges. This is a tissue covering the brain and spinal cord, which if inflamed causes weak facial muscles, numbness and pain.


Lyme Arthritis Symptoms At A Later Stage

In some people, the rashes of the infection would spread to various parts of the body even after several months of being infected. Along with this, you will also experience a few symptoms such as:

Muscle And Joint Symptoms

These are the most common symptoms that occur among 80% of the patients suffering from Lyme arthritis. This is most common when you are not treated with antibiotics.

Joint Pain

You will experience inflammation and pain in the joints, both in single joint and in multiple joints. This would usually occur in knees or hands. The muscle around the joints would also get inflamed and become painful.

Neurologic Symptoms

Some of you might experience neurologic symptoms, such as difficulty in memory, late thinking, numbness and odd sensations in the head. These are rare symptoms and are found only in very few individuals.

difficulty in memory

Skin Symptoms

Some would experience swelling, thinning of skin in patches around the elbows, knees, feet and hands. However, these are not always seen in every patient.