3 Various Causes Of Lyme Arthritis

Causes Of Lyme Arthritis

Causes Of Lyme Arthritis

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the tick bite. This disease usually occurs in children or adults who spend maximum time in the woods or outdoors. The disease occurs only if the person gets bitten by the infected tick which usually digs its head deep into the skin. This infected bite can take up to 36 hours to develop into Lyme arthritis.

Usually the tick bite is painless and cannot be realized by the person infected. This is not a contagious disease and does not get transferred from one person to the other. This condition is associated with severe inflammation, pain and stiffness of the joints of the knee.

Main Causes of Lyme Arthritis

Borrelia Burgdorferi Bacteria

There are only two main causes that act behind the Lyme Arthritis, namely, the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. This bacterium is found to reside in the animal’s digestive system such as mice, deer, blackbirds and pheasants. When this tick bites the animal which already is infected with the bacteria, the tick also gets infected in the process.

This bacterium can be transferred when the tick bites the human and feeds on the human blood. These ticks have the tendency to get attached to the skin without even letting the individuals to realize it. The individual is at higher risk of being prone to the infection if it remains attached to the individual’s skin for more than thirty six hours.

Borrelia Burgdorferi Bacteria

Once the infection process takes place, the bacteria travel slowly through the blood and reach the lymphatic system. This system is responsible to fight the infection and consists of various channels and lymph nodes. If unnoticed, this condition would lead to the extreme Lyme arthritis that would include damaging the joints and nervous system which would be termed as the mid and late stage of this disease. These tick bites are known to occur during the summer, spring and autumn as people indulge in outdoor activities and camping during such times.

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Western Black Legged Tick

The other causes of Lyme Arthritis are the western black legged tick, which is mostly found in the parts of southern British Columbia, Pacific coast, Oregon and northern California. This is basically a wooden tick, which has a hard body. This tiny blood sucking tick is a parasite and is found in regions that are inhibited by the deer. When an individual strolls through the wood or the countryside, he would tend to brush the plants or bushes past which would contain these ticks.

Western Black Legged Tick

This tick would get attached to the human and might settle anywhere in the body. Usually it prefers warm and moist areas that are dark in nature such as the armpits or the crotch. While upon settling on the right place of its choice, the tick has the tendency to stick its probe into the skin to suck blood, which would put the individual to the risk of getting the disease.


The major drawback of these causes of Lyme Arthritis is that you will not able to feel the prick of the bug as it resembles a sesame seed. That is why the people working in the woods must be very careful and take care of themselves.

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