4 Major Causes Of Rheumatic Arthritis


Major Causes Of Rheumatic Arthritis

Rheumatic Arthritis or rheumatism is a painful medical condition that is caused due to the inflammation of the joints, preceded by swelling and pain in the muscle joints. This is caused owing to the wear and tear of the joints that takes place as one begins to age. The causes of this medical condition are the abnormal autoimmune response of the body, susceptibility of genes, environmental factors, biological triggers, viral infection or hormonal imbalance or sudden change in hormones.

This is well evident in the increase of this medical condition occurring in women than in men. The causes such as immune response are caused when the immune system of a person becomes very active and induces the pain in the body. There are over 100 types of rheumatic diseases but the exact cause of this medical condition still remain a mystery and is still researched by medical professionals and scientists.

Genetic Causes of Rheumatic Arthritis

When it comes to determining the causes of rheumatic arthritis, scientists are of the opinion that a combination of genetic factors of an individual and environmental factors play a significant role in causing the disease in individuals. This is evident as some individuals with a genetic influence have more tendencies to react towards a specific type of virus or develop an infection triggered by a bacterium of a selected category which then intensifies the condition. But the sad part of this situation is that no specific infection has been found as the culprit that causes the condition.

Genetic Causes

Sometimes genetic factors might cause this medical condition, such as, the HLA or Human Leukocyte Antigen. This HLA has various genetic forms such as the HLA DRB1 and HLA DR4. These are also termed as RA shared epitome as they have the well known characteristic of increasing the severity of the disease. The environmental factor that causes this medical condition is the appearance of E.coli that was found in the patients’ synovial fluid. This is known to trigger the immune production in the body. This would increase the extremity of the medical condition and prolongs it.

Other Causes of Rheumatic Arthritis

There are a number of causes that act together or individually to cause this type of arthritis.

Inflammatory Process

There are causes of rheumatic arthritis, such as, an inflammatory process makes sure that the wounds or injuries are healed perfectly with the help of infection fighters called the B cells and T cells. But in the person with such a medical condition, the infection fighting cells are over active that they multiply and many antibodies or immune proteins are released. The underlying reason for this hyperactive infection fighting cells remains a mystery and is under investigation.

Inflammatory Process

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Virus and Bacteria

The other causes of rheumatic arthritis are namely Mycoplasma, parvo virus B19, retroviruses, myco bacteria and Epstein Barr virus and E.coli.


The other causes that influence this medical condition is smoking habit, which is highly found among today’s generation. Then irregular lifestyle or sedentary lifestyle might be another cause that would lead to obesity which would cause this medical condition.

Smoking, Obesity and Lack of Exercise

The habit of smoking, obesity and very less exercise are major causes to trigger this rheumatic arthritis condition in very young people.