5 Initial Symptoms Of Arthritis

Initial Symptoms Of Arthritis

Initial Symptoms Of Arthritis

Arthritis is usually a painful medical condition that features swelling or inflammation in the joints along with pain. This extremely painful condition that would have few symptoms that surface during the initial period.

If you make a note of these initial symptoms of arthritis, you can save yourself from all the suffering with the help of the early treatments. There are different symptoms that might occur in different ways in different people or might occur all of a sudden all together or one at a time.

Initial Symptoms Of Arthritis

Very Limited Mobility

This is another usual symptom of arthritis that features very limited motion using the body parts with specific joints. You will have trouble performing day to day activities such as a simple task. Most commonly you will feel this restriction while you are performing few exercises. You should make sure whether the action involves flexing, stretching and straining the joints at the same time. This is very important to tell your physician when you seek medical help.

Very Limited Mobility

Stiffness In The Joint

Stiffness in the joints is another early sign of arthritis, especially when you have an inactive lifestyle. This is usually experienced for the first time when you wake from sleep in the morning. This would gradually decrease after you indulge in day to day activity.


This stiffness can occur at any time of the day and night and might last from a few minutes to a few hours . Most often, this symptom of arthritis is mistaken, neglected and ignored by individuals who, suffer stiffness every day.

Tender Joints That Is Painful To Touch

If your body joints are very painful to touch, then you must realize that it is one of the initial symptoms of arthritis. Based on the type of arthritis you have, the pain in the joints might vary. Most often it occurs in legs, hands, fingers, elbows and hip. Sometimes, the tenderness just lasts in the spot for very long time, while for some it might come and go. You should seek the advice of your doctor to diagnose this condition at an early stage.

Tender Joints

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Severe Pain In The Joints

You will experience pain in the joints, which might be more or less severe. Sometimes, you would experience severe pain in all joints, which would be unbearable. This would surface all of a sudden without any warning and might hinder with your day to day activities.

Severe Pain In The Joints

Most often, some body parts would experience severe pain, especially when you move around. This pain can be described as a burning sensation in the joints, which is the first initial symptom of arthritis.

Redness, Inflammation And Warmth Around Your Joints

This classic symptom involves redness, swelling and warmth while you touch the joints in pain. This is most usual if you are on the verge of having arthritis on your hands and legs. You will experience these symptoms in various joints at the same time. Remember to avail medical help immediately as this can be ignored as a normal symptom of an infection in your body.


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