4 Symptoms Of Spine Arthritis


Symptoms Of Spine Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis in the spine are very similar to the arthritis in other parts of the body. Arthritis is a condition in which the joints will face severe pain and stiffening. So just like arthritis in other parts of the body, stiffening and pain will be a main problem in this spine arthritis.

The symptoms of arthritis can be sometimes identified easily but in some cases we will fail to find it because we will not think that it is a symptom of arthritis when we feel problems in our spine. But the knowledge about the symptoms of arthritis in spine will help us to diagnose spine arthritis.

Main Symptoms Of Spine Arthritis 

Pain in Neck and Back

The symptoms of arthritis in the spine depend upon the part of the spine in which the arthritis is affected. But the most common symptom of arthritis in the spine is the severe pain on neck as well as back.

Pain In Neck

When arthritis is affected on the spine, the person will feel pain while moving neck. The pain will disrupt your activities and you will feel like crying.

Will Limit Your Movements

Spine is an important part of the body that makes the body movements possible. Therefore, if arthritis is affected in the spine, it will make the movements of the body difficult. You feel difficulty while bending. The symptoms of arthritis in spine include a crunching feel in the bone when they are rubbed against the spine bones while moving. The specialty of these symptoms is that they will be more identifiable in the period of morning. It is because you will feel the symptoms more after being idle for a long period.

limited movements

Problems In Arms And Shoulder

Arthritis in spine may sometimes affect the cervical area. In such cases the main symptoms will be problems such as numbness and pain in the shoulder area as well as the arms. The problems will be also felt in the hands and fingers. The shoulder area and the arms are used for many activities.

Problems In Arms

Therefore the symptoms of this type of arthritis will make the movement of shoulder bones and arms difficult. If the pain and numbness is present in the fingers, you will feel difficulty to activities such as writing or typing using a computer keyboard. The activities that you do with your hands may be disrupted if arthritis is affected on the spine. It will become difficult to bend your hand or to rotate it. Pain in the hands will not allow you to lift weight.

Problems In Lower Region

In some cases the arthritis that is affected on the spine will be on the lower region of the spine. In such cases the symptoms will be visible in the lower area as well as the legs. Deadness will be felt on the lower region of spine followed by pain. The symptoms will be also present I the pelvic area. As a symptom of this arthritis, legs will get weak. Pain will be felt in the lower back and buttocks.

Problems In Lower Region