5 Symptoms Of Septic Facet Arthritis


Symptoms Of Septic Facet Arthritis

Septic Facet Arthritis is also known among the masses as an infectious arthritis of the joints of the spine. This is disease is an outcome of the infection caused by particular kinds of fungi and bacteria. It usually affects the joint, especially the ones in the spine. A rare kind of arthritis and you can term it as septic facet arthritis.

If left untreated, the infection can spread to other areas. Pain followed by fever is the main symptom of this disease. Septic facet arthritis often can cause many neurological disorders.

Major Symptoms of Septic Facet Arthritis

Fever and Chills

Fever or chills being the first symptom of this arthritis, one can experience a body temperature of 99.50F. Pain at the particular region of the infection is the key symptom of septic facet arthritis. The pain is often felt at the lower back. The central portion of the lower back pains so much that the person infected is not able to move freely.

This pain often spreads to the buttocks. In certain other cases, this pain spreads to the region of the thighs and the area below the knee. This is a rare condition of arthritis. Pain will increase with the movement of the spine.



Stiffness is yet another symptom of Septic facet arthritis. A check on the mobility due to the stiffness of the spine is usually experienced after taking a rest.

Usually the person infected finds it difficult to wake up without any pain in the mornings or after a small nap. Pain and stiffness is experienced at the peak when the infected person tries to lean backwards or forwards. Slight leaning movements too can be painful for the patient.


Bone Spurs

Arthritis sometimes can result in bone spurs. Bone spurs may interfere with the functioning of the nerves of the spinal cord in the case of septic facet arthritis. Inflammations of the nerves will cause irritation to the patient. Slow reflexes, weak muscles, tingling effect and numbness of the nerves are the major nerve irritations the patient experiences.

Bone Spurs

Swelling and Warmth

Swelling and warmth at the affected areas (joints) are the two symptoms which go together in septic facet arthritis. The patient can feel the swelling and it can be noticed on the body.

The heat of the affected portion can be experienced both inside and outside the patient’s body.


Joint Pain

It has to be noted that the symptoms of septic arthritis usually attacks a person very quickly. A serious condition of rheumatoid arthritis is the recurring attacks of joint pain. The affected person must consult a medical practitioner at the moment he experiences the first symptoms of the disease. Adults as well as small children are affected by this disease.

Joint pain

Hip is the area affecting children the most. Children affected with septic arthritis often experience intense pain at the hip area and they tend to hold their hips firmly for movement is what causes a lot of pain. Whether in children or in adults, this disease causes a lot of pain. Hence treatment should be given without any fail.