Symptoms Of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome or CAE is a viral infection occurring in goats that is caused by CAE virus. This infection affects both the adult goats and their kids. This medical condition also affects all the breeds and genders of the goat. This has no specific cure and remains intact in the goat until its life time and curbs the production and secretion of milk.

This is caused through the kid feeding on the milk of an infected mother goat or through body fluids. This infection does not get transmitted to humans.

Common Symptoms of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome or CAE

Crippling Arthritis, Encephalitis

When it comes to the symptoms of this CAE infection in goats, about 80% of the infected goats do not show any symptoms, while some exhibit a few symptoms, such as, crippling arthritis, gradual weight loss, encephalitis and pneumonia.

Weakness, Stiffness in Joints

Other symptoms also include progressive weakness, joint stiffness, knee swelling and abnormal position. Some goats might not show these signs at all until their lifetime. But when compared to adult goats, kids are more prone to these symptoms and cannot withstand the impact of few symptoms of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome or CAE such as stiffness in the joints or imbalance in the position to stand upright.

Progressive Paralysis

The progressive paralysis is the symptom that would occur mostly in kids that are within 2 to 6 months but would sometimes rarely occur in a month old kid or a mature adult.

Hyper Reflexia

Other symptoms that the kids might face would be hyper reflexia, hypertonia, hind limb placing problems, ataxia and lameness. Even while affected with this CAE condition, the kid goats are very alert and bright with good eating and drinking habits. But then the neurologic signs begin to deteriorate the healthy condition of the kids which would gradually lead to par paresis, tetra paresis or paralysis.

Symptoms of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome or CAE in Kid Goats

The other symptoms of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome or CAE would make the kid to suffer from depression, circling movement or tilting of its head, blindness, facial nerves failure, dysphasia, paddling, torticollis, opisthotonos and nystagmus. There would also be variation in the temperature with mild or moderate fever.

These symptoms would eventually make the kid goats to suffer so much that they are euthanized for their welfare or for economic reasons. They also tend to die owing to other reasons such as pneumonia or other reasons of infectious exposure. This happens as the kids are very young and tender and their weak body cannot withstand to the excess pressure of the medical condition of CAE.

When it comes to adult goats, the above said symptoms do not occur in them and the neurological symptoms are rare. If present the symptoms of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome or CAE in adult goats are minor gait aberrations, knuckling and lameness, which are initial signs of this infection. But the reflexes always remain intact in the goats until their life time. The other symptoms occurring in adult goats are occasional incidences of blindness, coarse tremors, salivation, trismus and nystagmus.

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