4 Symptoms Of Brucellar Spondylitis


Brucellar Spondylitis

Brucellar spondylitis is a bacterial infection which is transferred from animals through direct physical contact or consumption of products that are produced by such an infected animal. Animals like goats, sheep, cattle, dogs, deer, buffaloes etc are found to be affectd by this class of bacteria which causes Brucellar Spondylitis.

It is mostly reported in Mediterranean and latin American regions. It is a very serious infection if not managed and controlled in time which affects the musculoskeletal organs and may result in neurological disorders. In this segment we will discuss various symptoms of Brucellar spondylitis.

Symptoms Of Brucellar Spondylitis

Fever And Skin Changes

Fever is the most common symptom of Brucellar spondylitis. 90% of the people suffer from fever coupled with chills. Some people also experience extreme weakness in this condition. Extreme tiredness is another fall out of persistent fever and chills. Cough is also widely reported along with the fever and certain degree numbness in the neck and shoulder area.


Spasm in the neck and slowing down of reflexes are also signs of this condition. Some people also get giddy while changing position. For e.g. sitting after long time of standing and vice versa. Skin undergoes slight change in this condition. Some patients are known to develop paleness in the skin and skin rash while suffering from Brucellar spondylitis.

Peripheral Arthritis

Peripheral arthritis affects only limbs, arms, knees, ankles and extremities. This condition leads to weakness in bones and muscles. The power of grasp and grip may also slide down. Numbness and tingling sensation accompanies peripheral arthritis in the initial stages. It is found to be common amongst people suffering from inflammation of colon where the extent of joint arthritis is directly proportional to the inflammation of colon.

Peripheral Arthritis

Pain And Tenderness

Pain in the back and around spine is another sign of brucellar spondylitis. The spinal area also becomes tender to touch, in some cases with slight swelling. Abdominal pain is another fall out of this condition. This pain leads to loss of appetite and consequently weight loss for the person who is suffering from this condition.


There might be severe pain in the neck which may emanate from the neck and spread to shoulders and arms. Loss of sensation, tingling and numbing of the body parts affected by spondylitis is also experienced along with the other symptoms.

Osteoarticular Disease

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis fall under the category of osteoarticular disease. A person suffering from these conditions experience joint pains and difficulty in movements. These diseases are systemic and debilitating. Over a period of time, the bone tissue becomes soft and porous which leads to easy fracturing and may make a person disable.

Osteoarticular Disease

There is also change in the shape of limbs as they twist under pressure. Swelling in the joints is also a symptom of these osteoarticular diseases. Proper diagnosis of this condition is done with the help of MRI and radiographs. However, for the longest time there might not be any structural changes in the skeletal structure but only pain in the joints.