6 Signs And Symptoms Of Seronegative Arthritis


Signs And Symptoms Of Seronegative Arthritis

If you happen to endure any of the below mentioned symptoms, then it is likely that you have been affected by seronegative arthritis.

It is advisable that you do not delay and consult a concerning physician so that it does not aggravate.

Common Symptoms of Seronegative Arthritis


Swelling of tissues of the body is a significant symptom of this kind of arthritis. As soon as inflammation of tissue subsides the disease does not remain active anymore. Whenever remissions occur people usually feel better as the symptoms disappear. Whenever the symptoms become active it is called flare.

Inflammation generally occurs on both the sides of the body in a symmetrical manner. Inflammation of multiple joints is a common feature.


Stiffness in Muscle and Joints

Stiffness in joins and muscle usually happens after waking up from sleep and also after long duration of inactivity. Stiffness can also be felt in the hip joints leading to inactivity in normal movements. The other common areas where stiffness is generally endured are the joints in knees, the toe shoulders, the joints in feet and ankles.

It may also affect the joints in wrists, elbows, hands and also fingers. The stiffness often causes deformation in the joints. Deformation can also develop in the nails. This symptom is most commonly noticed among those affected by seronegative arthritis.


Pain and Redness

Reddish tone and pain may often occur over the skin of the joints in case of seronegative arthritis. The pain mostly leads to limited activity and reduced movement by the patient hampering the daily chores. Often such redness appears in the eyes causing decrease in the normal vision. Even tenderness over the joints may develop which will indicate the patient that he/she has been affected by the arthritis.


Skin Nodules

Skin nodules are a common symptom of seronegative arthritis. Swelling of small blood vessels usually causes lumps, or nodules, below the skin of the patient and such nodules can vary from the size of a pea to that of a mothball. They can develop anywhere but the common area affected is near the elbow.

These nodules may become infected gradually with the disease especially when the victim undergoes stress, like in ankles. This can in turn affect blood vessels in kidneys, lungs and other vital organs.

Skin Nodules

Skin and Mouth Lesions

Either primary or secondary skin lesions may arise as symptoms of seronegative arthritis. This includes discolour or variation in texture of the skin at some parts and may look different from the rest of the skin.

At times even small patches develop on the skin of such patient. Mouth ulcers also stand a chance to develop which is another indicator of seronegative arthritis. They are usually open sores inside the mouth.

Skin and Mouth Lesions

Fatigue and Loss of energy

Another hallmark symptom of seronegative arthritis is tremendous fatigue which the person often undergoes. Under this the person develops a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. Fatigue in turn may be caused by several factors like excess stress, excessive work pressure, depression and anxiety, lack of sleep and physical activities. The patient may lack strength and energy thus acting as a symptom to such kind of arthritis.