5 Signs And Symptoms Of Infectious Arthritis


Signs And Symptoms Of Infectious Arthritis


Infectious arthritis is also called as septic arthritis and is caused by the infection of bacteria and fungus. This condition would sometimes occur along with a condition known as erythema nodosum that is caused by infectious germs. During such condition the symptoms that occur are reddish tender bumps resembling quarter size on the skin surface especially on the lower legs and other parts.

Other symptoms are inflammation of the joints in the ankle accompanied by a fever.

Symptoms of Infectious Arthritis When Inflicted By Staph Bacteria

Pain, Rashes, Fever, etc.

The symptoms of infectious arthritis might be slightly different when it is caused by the infection of bacterium called gonococcus, which might cause fever, chills; pain in the abdomen, vaginal or penis discharge, dime sized red rashes with filled spots with a raised center, tendon inflammation and development of arthritis in the joints of knees or wrists.


Fever, Swelling

Then there are several kinds of gram positive bacteria, such as, staphylococcus, streptococcus and pneumococcus. Of these staphylococcus is the most common type that causes infectious arthritis. This condition is called staph infection, which is most common after a surgery or as a result of skin infection and sinus. The symptoms of this staph infection are fever, pus with a yellowish white color dripping from a wound and swelling with redness with acute tenderness in a single joint in the body.


Infectious arthritis might occur when a person is infected by Lyme disease and would trigger symptoms such as red skin rashes measuring from 5 to 20 inches of diameter with a hard and warm center appearing on different parts of the body. Other symptoms might include flu symptoms, fever associated with chills, fatigue and vomiting, soreness in the body, swelling and pain in the joints of hip, shoulder and ankles, dry cough associated with sore throat, swollen glands and stiff neck and sensitivity and dizzy feeling towards sunlight.

Extreme Symptoms of Infectious Arthritis

Heart Problems

In some extreme cases, the symptoms of infectious arthritis would be heart problems, very low coordination of muscles, temporary facial paralysis, feeling of numbness and sensation of tingling in the feet and hands and severe depressive headaches with memory lapses. This condition is also caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses for many individuals. The symptoms of this disease vary from bacteria, virus and fungus.

Heart Problem

Viruses are known to cause this medical condition in the body owing to measles or mumps caused in the body. Fungi can infect an individual through soil with bird droppings and rose plants.

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Bacterial Symptoms

The symptoms of infectious arthritis caused by bacterial infection are infection in a specific place in your body, fever accompanied with chills, beginning of inflammation very quickly and response to antibiotics.

Bacterial Symptoms

The symptoms of this medical condition caused by viral infection are body ache as a whole, mild fever or no fever and non responding nature to antibiotics.

Fungal Symptoms

Infectious arthritis caused by fungi would trigger various symptoms such as symptoms in a particular area in the body or throughout the whole body, low fever, some conditions would show no symptoms at all and responses towards anti fungal treatments.

Fungal Symptoms