5 Natural Treatments For Psoriatic Arthritis


Natural Treatments For Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis can be very painful, especially because it is a combination of two problems namely psoriasis and arthritis. Both these ailments combine to cause major discomfort and pain along with other symptoms of arthritis. There are various pain relieving drugs that are available in the market, but none of them can completely cure the arthritic symptoms.

In addition, these drugs happen to cause one or the other side effects, thereby adding more problems to the arthritis condition. This chronic ailment can be treated through different ways including natural treatment such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, yoga and eating healthy without causing any side effects.

Top 5 Natural Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis

Maintain a Healthy Weight

The first step to treat the Psoriatic arthritis naturally is to maintain a healthy weight. This form of arthritis often bothers people who are overweight. So, if you are overweight and suffering from this chronic ailment, then it might be a good time to shed some extra kilos and help relieve the arthritic pain. Try to make an honest attempt to lose your weight and maintain a healthy weight, as it can work wonders in minimizing the excess strain on the joints and relieving the arthritis pain.

Healthy Weight

Endorse a Healthy Lifestyle

Endorsing a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to treat psoriatic arthritis naturally. It is important to lead a stress free life, as tensions can take a toll on your health if you are already suffering from psoriatic arthritis. Try to move away from the negative thoughts that may surround you and bother you over time and think positively about the things around you and count your blessing.

Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and Stay Active

It is important to include an exercise regime in your daily life and help release the stress. Exercising takes away the spurs that often arise on the joints due to inactivity.

Though, it may hurt to stretch those painful joints and muscles in the beginning but it will certainly help you relieve the arthritic pain in the long term, once the spurs go away with regular exercises. To begin with, you can opt for brisk walking, cycling or swimming, as these are low impact exercises and do not cause much stress to the joints. You can also practice yoga and train your joints to align effectively. However, if you remain stuck to your bed and refuse to move, it may affect adversely and worsen the arthritis symptoms.


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Avoid Toxins

It is essential to quit any addictions that you may have such as smoking and boozing, as it will help treat the arthritis naturally. They include toxic substances that often gets build up in the connective tissues that are found between the joints. Therefore, you may notice that stiffness and pain increases after boozing when compare to other times when you do not booze.


Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food that are rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E and other antioxidants can help treat the psoriatic arthritis naturally. It is recommended to include cherries and berries in your regular meal, as these fruits have the capabilities to attack the free harmful radicals that usually keep floating in our system. In addition, cherries include anthocyanins, a compound that helps reduce inflammation. This can help relieve you from swelling and pain, the two most common symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.

Healthy diet