Natural Treatment For Arthritis In The Neck

Neck arthritis also known as cervical spondylosis results from irregular growth (nodes or osteophytes) of the bones in the neck and the mineral deposits between the vertebrae and bone degeneration. Neck pain that occurs progressively is the key symptom of this ailment and sometimes it might be the only indication in many cases. Headache, stiffness, loss of balance on waking up is some of the other signs associated with arthritis in the neck, which makes natural treatment for arthritis quite appealing. Research suggests that some of these natural treatments might actually help ease the pain.

Natural Treatment for Arthritis in Neck

Stress Relief

Practicing stress relief is quite helpful in this regard. Gentle yoga postures, meditation and counseling are some of the beneficial treatments to alleviate neck pain that is associated with arthritis.


Neck Braces

Wearing a neck brace could provide temporary relief from pain, but it is not encouraged to continue for a long term. The neck brace is usually fitted by an expert. A brace could weaken the muscles in the neck, hence this natural treatment for arthritis in the neck is recommended only when the pain flares up.

Neck Braces

Physical Therapy

Exercises and workouts that enhance flexibility and range of motion could reduce the stiffness and pain in the neck due to arthritis. It is one of the beneficial and practical natural treatments for neck arthritis.   Immobility could lead to more stiffness and pain. Your physician might also recommend other treatments available such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound.

Physical Therapy

Using a Neck Pillow

You can purchase a neck pillow that is specially designed for those suffering from arthritis. Pillows can ease the pain, as it alleviates the muscle spasms and provides gentle grip during traveling, resting and sleeping.

Neck Pillow

Self Massage

You can buy a massager, which can be used at home. Infrared Massagers provide heat to the neck tissues, which helps in relieving the pain.

Self Massage

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Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture is important as poor body posture could worsen the pain due to arthritis. Years of bad posture could weaken the neck and spine muscles.   Hence, it is vital to engage in exercises as it helps in improving the posture. You can include different forms of exercises such as biking, swimming or walking along with strengthening work outs like isotonic and isometric exercises.

Good Posture

Other Treatments

Capsaicin cream can help in relieving the pain and it is available without any prescription. It is prepared using chili peppers and this natural remedy reduces arthritis in the neck, when it is applied topically. Although the relief is not instant, over time, capsaicin could decrease inflammation due to arthritis. You can purchase it from various dealers including most of the pharmacies as well. Another natural treatment used in this ailment is the tart cherries, which will naturally ease the inflammation.

Besides reducing the tenderness, cherries have various other health benefits as well. Cherry juice is available in the form of concentrate. The anti-inflammatory property of cherries is quite effective in treating the neck arthritis and also various other kinds of inflammatory arthritic forms like gout.