5 Natural Solutions For Joint Pain


Natural Solutions For Joint Pain

Joint pain is called as arthralgia in medical terms.The pain may be due to some underlying infection, inflammation or illness. Arthralgia can occur due to various reasons. Rheumatoid arthritis, which is the inflammatory disorder of joints, can be very painful due to the presence of various pain mediators along with inflammatory mediators.

Osteoarthritis, which is the most common degenerative disease of joints, also involves inflammation and hence can induce joint pain.

Natural Ways to Relieve Joint Pain

Aching joints can be really annoying. It is almost impossible to bear the pain of joints along with the daily activities may it be merely sitting or standing. Hence, there are available several natural solutions for joint pain some of which are given as under. But remember one thing that these remedies aren’t a substitute for any medical prescription or treatment. Worsening conditions of joint pain must be reported to a doctor as soon as possible to prevent complications from developing. Some of the natural solutions are:

Curcumin and Ginger

Have you ever wondered that there might be many naturally occurring things around you which can help relieve joint pain? Amongst these things, curcumin and ginger are counted as natural solutions for joint pain.

Curcumin, a spice, which is mostly used in curries, is known to reduce inflammation and hence, reduces the pain due to inflammation. Ginger too possesses anti-inflammatory properties that helps relieve muscle and joint pain as well as reduces swelling due to inflammation.

Curcumin and Ginger


There comes another food remedy in the list of natural solutions for joint pain which is pineapple. Some of you may love to eat pineapples but how many of you knew that it has anti-inflammatory properties? Well, pineapple contains a protein known as bromelain that has many health benefits. One of its benefits is that it reduces inflammation and hence, reduces the swelling and pain which occurs as a consequence of inflammation.


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Herbal Remedy

Nature has been serving us since the time it came into being by providing us with treatments for every disease. Our nature has the cure for every disease but it is up to us whether we are able to discover it or not.

Boswellia, which is being used in ayurvedic medicine since years for the treatment of arthritis, is a natural way of treating joint pain. Boswellia is known to possess anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer properties. It reduces inflammation in many chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, osteoarthritis, etc.


Keep Yourselves Moving

Mobility is the key to reduction of joint pain. Actually more than reduction, it is the prevention of joint pain. Keep yourselves moving no matter how old you are. Your bones and muscles need to move in order to stay healthy and keeping them still for no reason may result in deterioration of their function. Hence, it has been always recommended to exercise for some amount of time daily. Stretching is the best exercise for joint pain.

Keep Yourself Active


Another home remedy for relieving joint pain could be placing a towel soaked in a solution of vinegar and water around the affected area for at least 15 minutes. Massages and warm bath can also reduce the pain.