5 Major Symptoms Of Polyarticular Arthritis


Major Symptoms Of Polyarticular Arthritis

Polyarticular Arthritis, commonly known as the Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis is a chronic syndrome affecting children and teens. This disease is known to affect more than five joints in the body causing major discomfort to the child. It mostly affects children between the age group of 5 to 15 years. Though, boys are also affected with Polyarticular arthritis, it is mostly observed in girls.

Most parents do not pay heed to their child’s complaints about regular pain in the body parts and consider it to be a part of growing up. But, it is important to know the main symptoms of Polyarticular arthritis to understand why your child is having body pain regularly. Also, it is essential to be vigilant about the symptoms and consulting a pediatrician when required.

If Polyarticular arthritis remains untreated for a long time, then it may cause many fatal bones and joints deformities. In addition, this chronic syndrome may bring along other ailments and complicate your child’s health. Therefore, recognizing and diagnosing this medical condition early would work in your child’s benefit.

Symptoms of Polyarticular Arthritis

Joint Pain

Joint pain is normally considered to be the most distressing symptom of Polyarticular arthritis. This medical syndrome causes acute pain in the joints that may become unbearable after a considerable period of time. It may affect the joints of both the sides of the body. Initially, the Polyarticular arthritis starts with the joint pain in the knees and hip, gradually affecting other joints.

Joint Pain

Stiffness and Swelling

Stiffness and swelling of the joints cause a lot of problems to the affected children suffering from Polyarticular arthritis. Morning time is the toughest period for kids with this disease, as its effect is felt the most after getting up in the morning.


The affected joints may become uncomfortably stiff even after some period of inactivity or an afternoon nap. The inflammation of the joints often leads to back and jaw pain adding problems for the kids to do their daily chores.


Nodules are small lumps, often caused due to the swelling of blood vessels, are one of the most significant symptoms of Polyarticular arthritis. They are generally found under the elbows or spine. If you may find any pea-size bump on any pressure point on your child’s body, rush to the doctor for it may be a symptom of Polyarticular arthritis.


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Fever and Weight Loss

Fever is an important symptom of Polyarticular Arthritis. In this medical condition, a child may get mild fever that can go up to 101 degree Fahrenheit.


Also, a child with Polyarticular arthritis may lose a significant amount of weight, despite nutritious diet. If you observe that your kid is eating well, but is still unable to gain weight, then you must see a pediatrician.

Fatigue and Irritability

Joint pain coupled with stiffness and inflammation can cause high levels of fatigue in a kid suffering from Polyarticular arthritis. This may also lead to unusual behavior and the child may become very irritable. It may be difficult for parents to understand the connection between fatigue, irritability and the chronic arthritis for which it is important to be aware of the symptoms of Polyarticular Arthritis.