6 Main Symptoms Of Achilles Tendinitis


Symptoms Of Achilles Tendinitis

The Achilles tendon is known to be the largest tendon in the human body. It is this tendon that helps us to withstand great amount of pressure. It helps us activities such as running around, hopping or skipping. As we know anything overused to subject to wear and tear. So does out tendon muscle!  As we age or if we are more into athletics, The Achilles tendon is over used.

The result is that you experience pain on your ankles or while waking or standing straight. In this article we bring o you a list of symptoms that can help you to understand the inflammation of the Achilles tendon clinically known as Achilles tendinitis.

Major Symptoms Of Achilles Tendinitis

Sharp Pain In The Back Of Leg

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain at the back of your leg after running for some time. This could get serious after a session of exercise. People often mistake it as pain due to fatigue but you need to know that it could be Achilles tendinitis too.

Sharp Pain In The Back Of Leg

Stiffness Along The Achilles Tendon

In the morning time, after you wake up do you feel that your leg has stiffened or you feel numb? This happens because when the tendon muscle gets injured it stiffens specially at night. The resultant effect is that your leg feels stiff in the morning especially in the tendon area. This happens commonly among people who are aged.

Stiffness Along The Achilles Tendon

Pain Along The Tendon Or Back Of The Heel

There could be situation when you might be required to stand for prolonged periods. After that you might experience a pain in your tendon region or the back of your heel.

Pain Along The Tendon

There could be situations where you might have sprinted for a couple of yards and on returning felt that the back of your heel hurts very much. You can mistake it for many reasons such as wrong sized shoes and many more. But you need to know that this could be a probable symptom of Achilles tendinitis.

Acute Pain In The Heels

This is one of the common symptoms of Achilles tendinitis. You will experience difficulty in doing any minor work while standing. There will be difficulty in maintaining balance as your heels are injured and your body fails to balance itself.

Acute Pain In The Heels

Bone Spur Or Insertional Tendinitis

Insertional Achilles tendinitis occurs in the lower region of the heel. In this area the tendon is attached to the heel bone.

Bone Spur

Now when there is Bone spur or insertional tendinitis, the damaged tendon fibers harden or calcify. This leads to an extra grown of the heel bone that is known as bone spur. This could lead to difficulty in walking and standing straight.

Nodules Or Lumps In The Tendon

When there is an inflammation of the tendon, there could be nodules or lumps in the tendon region. You could also experience a creaking feel when you try to press the tendon region with your finger. You could also see that the area near the damaged tendon becomes inflamed or red in appearance.If you think that you have any of these symptoms, it will be advisable to consult a physician at the earliest.

Lumps In The Tendon