Laser Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Laser Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Laser Treatment For Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis aches and pains can make it really difficult to lead a normal life. Laser therapy is a ray of hope that has been helping osteoarthritis patients to live a pain free life for almost 35 years. Low energy laser rays are used as anti inflammatory photo energy to treat and regenerate the wounded cartilage in the joints.

Many researches have shown that laser therapy can effectively treat osteoarthritis pain and is virtually free of side effects. If osteoarthritis is growing on you and joint pain is making hard to perform daily tasks then you can consider laser therapy to treat your condition.

What is Laser Therapy?

Unlike traditional heat transformation treatment laser therapy is a photo-chemical therapy that treats the osteoarthritis affected joints. Since the disease weakens the cartilage in the joints it affects all small and big joints of the body. While heat therapy only works on few osteoarthritis affected areas laser can easily reach to smaller areas like jaws and knuckles.

How Does It Work?

Laser rays contain photo energy which triggers a chemical reaction when applied to an arthritis affected area. This photo chemical reaction helps to reproduce cartilage and improve cartilage health. A low intensity laser ray is used for this type of therapy. When a therapist applies the laser on affected area the laser ray transfers its photo energy onto the affected surface. As the cartilage receives this energy the cartilage health and scars starts to heal and give relief in joint pain.

How Fast You See the Results?

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of osteoarthritis laser treatment is its quick healing power. In average cases a patient can notice significant results in 4-6 weeks.

Laser Treatment For Osteoarthritis

In various studies over the years laser treatment has come up as a strong alternative to an invasive treatment option. If you have a mild case of osteoarthritis there is possibility that laser treatment may give you long term relief. After the treatment therapist might advice you to come for some follow up sessions to sustain the benefits of laser therapy.

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Does It Have Side Effects?

While surgical methods often leave a scar or mark the low intensity laser therapy cause no blemish. Unlike the painkiller medicine it does not cause drowsiness, fatigue and constipation. Surgical treatments are time consuming and painful on the other hand laser treatment is virtually painless and can be performed in as little as one hour.

Cold Laser Therapy

Another technique called cold laser therapy is used to treat frail areas of the body. Some parts of the body have delicate muscles and veins which may get damaged by laser rays. Since cold laser has a very low intensity it can treat sensitive areas without hurting the fragile muscles and nerves. This therapy is very useful for treating spine and neck osteoarthritis.

Even though the therapy can be vital to treat rare osteoarthritis it demands longer therapy sessions and delivers slow results. Sometimes it can take months to see significant improvement and because of slow response time this treatment is less popular among osteoarthritis patients.