Juvenile Arthritis Treatments

Juvenile arthritis

Juvenile arthritis Arthritis is a family of hundreds of diseases. There are various types of arthritis diseases.  One of them is the juvenile arthritis. Juvenile arthritis is the form of arthritis that is seen in children. Usually the children under the age of 16 are affected by juvenile arthritis.

There are different types of treatments followed for juvenile arthritis. As the patients are children, there are some limitations for the treatment of this disease. But still this condition is curable. Medication, exercise, Diet, use of splints and surgery are the common treatments for the cure of juvenile arthritis.

Different Juvenile Arthritis Treatments


Drugs are very important for the treatment of juvenile arthritis. There are some highly effective drugs for juvenile arthritis. The medicines are mainly used for the prevention of swelling and to kill the pain. If arthritis is affected, it will be difficult for the bones to move.


The medicines for juvenile arthritis will help the bones to get active. Arthritis may destroy the bones and related tissues in future. Proper medication in the beginning will help prevent such situations. The doctors will decide the type of medicine and the dosage according to the nature of the disease affected and the health condition of the child.


Making the bones active is very important for the treatment of juvenile arthritis. It is very essential to increase the strength of the bones if arthritis is affected. With this aim, exercise is taken as a treatment for juvenile arthritis. Exercises will make the joints and bones active and it will take back them to the perfect positions. The inactivity of bones will make the daily activities tough. So it is important to take proper exercise and make the bones and joints active. Different types of exercise are followed by the juvenile arthritis patients. Therapeutic exercise and sports activities are the main categories of exercise followed.

Use of Splints

Splints are very useful as a treatment for juvenile arthritis. They can help to position the bones and joints correctly. The splints will provide a support to the joints so that they can move correctly. Splints can prevent the joints and bones from being misplaced.

Use of Splints

Splints are used commonly on knees and wrists. Splints are also used on fingers; such splints are known as ring splints. Just like the splints, shoe inserts are also recommended for some cases to make the balance of the body perfect.

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Treatments to Maintain Health

Many health problems may occur as a part of the juvenile arthritis. So the treatment of arthritis must be also focused on the prevention of such health problems. In some forms of the juvenile arthritis, inflammation in eyes is a common problem.

proper medical attention

But diagnosing the problem and providing proper medical attention can solve the issues. Proper medical attention should be also provided to prevent dental problems as there are chances for it as a part of juvenile arthritis. It is very important to follow proper diet to make the treatments more effective.

Surgery is Also Possible

Surgeries are also a treatment for juvenile arthritis. Surgeries can decrease the pain and correct the joints. If the joints or bones are bent, surgeries can help to make it correct. Doctors will decide the necessity of the surgery after studying the seriousness of the disease.

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