Infrasound Treatment For Arthritis Pain

Infrasound Treatment For Arthritis Pain

Infrasound Treatment For Arthritis Pain Infrasound waves are very low density sound waves that contain healing powers. Specifically designed infrasound massager can be used to treat many types of muscular and joint pain. Since it works as an aid to pain these infrasound massagers can also be used to ease arthritis pain.

The Infrasound waves were first used by Chinese therapists but soon gained worldwide popularity for their effective and versatile usage. The infrasound therapy is commonly known as Qigong therapy. Chiropractics and practitioner massagers use the qigong massager on arthritis affected joints and muscles to ease arthritis symptoms. Given below is the list of various usage of infrasound equipped massager for treating tenderness, stiffness bruising and other arthritis problems.

Use of Infrasound Treatment for Arthritis

Relief in Arthritis Stiffness

Arthritis affected muscles and joints often become tight and stiff after being inactive for a long time. While wearing the infrasound massager in the hand you can lightly massage the stiffed part of the body. This process pulsate the stiffed muscles and help them to regain their strength and flexibility. As per the condition of your muscles you can massage the affected area for about 1-5 minutes. The same therapy could be used to relieve frozen shoulders and neck as well as other frozen joints. You might need an assistance to get proper massage on your stiff shoulder and neck.

Relief in Arthritis Pain

Inflammation caused by arthritis deteriorates the cartilage in the joints that result in painful joints and muscles. Infrasound therapy can be used to deal with arthritis related pain.

Infrasound Treatment For Arthritis Pain

When you gently massage the painful area with an infrasound massager the low density sound waves enter deep inside the skin and vibrate the affected muscles which increase the blood circulation in stiff weaken muscles. The increased blood circulation helps to ease the pain and relax the muscles.

Relief in Swelling

Many people claim that infrasound massager gives a significant relief in arthritis swelling that occurred due to inflammation. Since infrasound waves helps to regulate the blood flow it comes handy to treat swelling and bruising caused by arthritis. You can very gently massage in small circles over the swollen area to reduce swelling.

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Ease to Use

Since the infrasound waves do not contain harmful high intensity sound waves they can be used without any guidance. You can find variety of infrasound massagers online and in pharmacy stores.

Infrasound Treatment For Arthritis Pain

Wearing the massager in the hand and gently putting pressure on arthritis affected area helps to alleviate ache, tenderness and puffiness. But remember to read all the instruction and time restrictions before you start using the machine.

Variation in Results

While many arthritis patients see certain improvement after using infrasound therapy the results may vary from person to person. If you are thinking to buy an infrasound massager it would be better to try out the therapy by some authentic practitioner first.

Take 2-3 sessions of the therapy and see if you notice any difference in arthritis symptoms. If you feel significant relief after 2-3 sessions of infrasound therapy than go ahead and buy one so you can use it at the comfort of your own home. Patients with severe cases of arthritis should consult their doctor to discuss if their muscle and joints are healthy enough for the therapy.