Identifying Causes Behind Osteomyelitis


Osteomyelitis Bones form the skeleton that constructs our body frame. They are generally strong but there can be instances where these bones could become weak and brittle. This generally happens because of an infection in the bone marrow that can be caused due to an injury in the bone tissues.

If there is any inflammation in the bone tissue of the human body, the condition is clinically known as Osteomyelitis. There are many causes behind it. Most of it is acquired by us. A few of the causes are listed below:

Major Causes Of Osteomyelitis

Due To Bloodstream

There can be incidences where you might suffer from a severe fall or any other blood related diseases. Sometimes it so happens that the germs are left behind in the bloodstream. These germs then travel all over your body and target the soft bones.

This is severe in case of young children where the number of soft bones is higher than adults. Sometimes the soft tissues such as muscle also get infected and from there the germ spreads to the nearby bones causing Osteomyelitis. There are also reports where Osteomyelitis is reported to have been caused from pneumonia and urinary tract infection also.

A Nearby Infection

Have you ever suffered from a situation where you might have felt that the puncture made on your skin for reasons such as a blood test had not gone right? Did you feel that the puncture was not made properly and there was pain in the ruptured area?

skin infection

If so, you need to be very alert. This is because as the rupture or puncture was not made in the proper way there could be infections in the area where germs could build up. These germs damage the surrounding tissues and the bones. These diseased areas could lead to Osteomyelitis.

Major Surgeries

Sometimes major surgeries such as hip surgery or knee replacements cold lead to Osteomyelitis. In these surgeries, there are metal plates inserted beneath your skin. If the metal plates are not inserted properly it could lead to infections which have the highest possibility of penetrating into the deeper layers of the bones leading to the disease.

Direct Contamination

This could be very painful. In this condition you might have a broken or protruding bone sticking out of your skin. These protruding bones could lead to injuries in the adjacent tissues leading to germs.


As the surrounding tissues get already infected the germs get a very easy access of the bones. The bone marrow is destroyed and the bones eventually become weak and very brittle

Chronic Diseases Such As Diabetes

Diabetes can also lead to Osteomyelitis. We know that diabetic patients take a long time to heal their wounds especially in their feet. Due to diabetes, the nerve tissues surrounding the feet become numb often losing sensation. The patient is unable to detect any kind of cut in the feet. These cuts or bruises can lead to infections and if left untreated could form ulcers damaging the underlying tissues as well. This contamination could then cause infection in the bones.