5 Ways To Treat Lower Back Muscle Pain At Home


Ways To Treat Lower Back Muscle Pain At Home

Lower back pain is a very common ailment and affects almost everyone at some points of their lives. There is no need to stay in the bed as doing everything that you do normally is good for your lower back. A number of reasons can be responsible for acute lower back pain. Standing for a very long time is not good after a certain age.

Also, the pillow and mattress you use everyday can lead to lower back pain. Lifting heavy weight suddenly or indulging in a lot of exercise after many years can also lead to lower back pain. Relying on too much of pain killers is not good for the health and this article on how to treat lower back pain at home can be useful.

Treat Lower Back Muscle Pain At Home

Self Massage

There are many pain relieving gels available in the market. You can apply those gels while massaging your back. You can even use a tennis ball for this purpose. Take a hot shower or bath for relaxing your muscles. Do few stretching exercises.


Lie on the floor while keeping your knees bent on the floor and with your feet flat. Place the ball on the area you are experiencing pain. Inhale deeply and relax. Stay like that for some time before placing the ball elsewhere.

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Herbal Tea

Certain natural herbs can be really effective in treating lower back pain. Ginger tea is possibly one of the simplest teas that can cure pain. Add few strips of ginger in your regular tea to reduce the pain.

Herbal Tea

Even a cup of velarian tea is useful in treating any kind of pain. Drink this tea at least two times daily to get relief. Even turmeric is a useful herb that can be used to treat lower back pain.

Cold Compress

You can apply locally available cold packs or use a towel for lowering the pain. Take a towel and place it in a bowl containing ice cold water. Squeeze the same and put in a plastic bag and allow it to freeze for some time.

Cold Therapy

Take it out from the bag and place the frozen towel on the affected areas to get relief. You can also make use of bag which has been frozen and contains vegetables. Ice can be applied directly as well.

Lying and Sitting Movements

Do not twist your body while lying down. Sit on the bed and relax. Keeping your back straight, make use of your hands to lower the upper portion of your body sideways. Make sure that your back is straight while lying. While sitting, give support to your back. You can place a towel or pillow in the curve. Use a chair that is low so that your feet can support your body entirely. While driving a car, sit straight and drive and make sure that your knees and your hips are at the same level.

Lying and Sitting Movements

Correct Posture

No matter whether you are standing or sitting, make sure your vertebral column is straight. Never lock your knees while standing. Keeping the ear, hip, shoulder and ankle is a line is the key to the perfect posture.

Place a stool below one of your legs if you are standing in the same position for a long time. This method of treating lower back pain is very effective as it prevents the occurrence of lower back pain as well.

Correct Possture

These are few natural ways to treat lower back pain at home. If these are followed properly over a stretch of time, the trouble not only subsides, but can be prevented to a great extent.