5 Ways To Treat Inflammation Of The Spine


Ways To Treat Inflammation Of The Spine

Inflammation of the spine can be caused by a number of reasons and is associated with acute pain. Inflammation of the spine or Ankylosing Spondylitis is a genetic disorder and there is a particular gene that is help responsible for this condition. Recently, many treatments have been developed for the treatment of this spine inflammation.

These treatments help in reducing the pain as well as the stiffness of the spine. Some medicines have also been invented that has shown to slow down the progress of this disease to a great extent. This article on how to treat inflammation of the spine can be helpful if you are suffering from this disease.

Treat Inflammation Of The Spine


There are lot of medicines that can provide relief from spine inflammation. It is best for you to talk to your doctor and then decide which medicines will be best for you. Anti inflammatory drugs that are not steroids or NSAIDs can be really effective though they can harm the gastrointestinal tract.


Anti rheumatic drugs are prescribed when the above drigs are not enough. Corticosteroids and Methotrexate are two medicines that are prescribed by doctors. Biologics are the latest medications that have been invented to cure this disease.

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Exercise is a very effective treatment for spine inflammation and is always prescribed by all the doctors. Regular exercise can help in the betterment of your posture and also improve the flexibility that can reduce the pain to a great extent.


Exercises have always given positive results. Consult a doctor and make sure of hiring a qualified and experienced physical trainer who can help you. There are also many articles in the World Wide Web that can provide useful information regarding the exercises that are effective.

Ice Compression

This is a very effective way of getting relief from the pain quickly. Apply ice cubes on your spine at least 3 times in a day to get relief. You can also make use of a homemade ice pack. Take a thick cloth bag and place few ice cubes in it.

Ice Compressor

Keep the bag in the freezer for about 20 minutes and place this bag on the spine for 15-20 minutes. You can also make use of frozen vegetables by placing about 100gm vegetables in a plastic bag and freezing the same and applying it on the affected area.


Surgery can be the last option in case of severe inflammation of the spine. Joint replacement can cure the disease to a great extent and give relief from pain. Joint replacements are done on the hips and the knees. In case of severe deformities, surgical corrections are done in the neck, though a lot of risk is involved in this treatment.


Alternative Treatments

Electrical stimulators are also applied to reduce the pain. Massage can also be a good treatment option for the easing the pain and inflammation. A good physiotherapist can massage the area and give you relief from the pain.

A balanced diet can also help in working of the treatments. Make sure of maintaining a good posture and practise posture techniques as well.

Physical Therapy

This article on how to treat inflammation of the spine offers useful and beneficial options that are really effective.