6 Natural Ways To Treat Gout Attack


Natural Ways To Treat Gout Attack

A gout attack usually strikes all of a sudden and it is generally experienced at night. Strangely, it targets your big toe. The skin becomes overly sensitive, inflamed and red. Even a slight heaviness of a bed sheet could become unbearable and it might be accompanied by fever too.

If left untreated the ailment can become very painful and can cause joint damage. Therefore, if you experience intense and sudden pain in the joints, particularly your big toe then it is vital to seek help.

Treatment for Gout Attack Naturally

Acupressure to Relieve Pain

The gout pain can be relieved by using acupressure. In this process the pressure is applied on certain points around your toe. These points are present between the big and second toe and at the base of your big toe. There is one on the outer side of the big toe and on the bottom of the outer edge of your foot. There are two other points at the big toenail’s back corners. You need to firmly apply pressure on all these points for about 60 seconds, which can relieve gout pain.


Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Obesity is one of the major risk factors and about half of the gout sufferers are obese. Excess body weight worsens the condition because the already aggravated nerve endings are irritated further as it has to support extra weight. Weight loss is a safe method to reduce the inflammatory state in obese people. Therefore, losing weight and maintaining it there will greatly improve the condition and you can keep away from further gout attacks.

Body Weight

Eating Right Can Dramatically Help Gout Attack

Chronically high blood sugar is one of the underlying problems that cause the inflammation related to gout and the subsequent damage. The sugar molecules are known to cause more damage as compared to the other molecules. Diet plays an important role in normalizing your insulin and blood sugar levels. An ideal diet is one that limits or completely eliminates the intake of sugar, grains, and HFCS and for many people it means eliminating sugary snacks, fruit juices and soft drinks.

It is vital to note that there is nothing called a perfect diet that suits one and all, as each one of us has our own special biochemical and individual nutritional needs. Therefore, you need to customize the food choices depending on the way our body responds to food. By incorporating nutritional type of eating you will not only resolve many kinds of health disorders (includes gout) but attain optimum health as well.


Limiting Alcohol Intake Crucial For Successful Gout Treatment

Gout is often associated with coronary artery disease, excessive alcohol consumption and hypertension. Hence, alcohol can be considered to be a strong risk factor. Although wine has a few health benefits, it might increase the insulin levels. Therefore, it has to be used cautiously if you are suffering from gout. Besides this, alcohol may also increase the uric acid levels in the blood, which may instigate a gout attack. Therefore, it is wise to consume alcohol in limited quantities or get rid of it altogether.


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Although exercise is not suggested while you have soreness in your joints, once the gout is controlled, exercise is an essential adjunct to lead a healthier lifestyle.

It will even prevent further gout attacks by normalizing the uric acid level and by increasing circulation. Exercise routine has various other benefits as well. Research has shown that exercise works as an antidepressant and strengthens the immune system, which helps in fighting against various diseases.


Strawberries and Cherries Fight Inflammation

Tart cherries have two potent compounds bioflavonoids and anthocyanins. These compounds help to decelerate the enzymes known as Cyclo-oxyygenase – 1, 2. This helps in preventing as well as relieving gout and arthritis in the body. Strawberries with cherries and other berries are rich in antioxidants, which help in repairing and preventing the damage caused due to the cells in the body by free radicals. These free radicals are replaced by antioxidants in the body before causing any damage.


You can enjoy the berries in a number of ways. You can try cherry juice, which is a concentrated variety of cherries, if the fruit is out of season. The juice concentrate consists of about fifty to sixty tart cherries in an ounce. This is the recommended serving at a time. Moreover, the concentrate provides all the health benefits without any sugar. You can also purchase canned or frozen strawberries or cherries. The organic cherries are the best. It is wise to avoid frozen or non-organic foods, as they might have additives and residual pesticides along with preservatives, sweeteners and HFCS.