7 Home Remedies For Arthritis


Home Remedies For Arthritis

Treatment for arthritis depends upon the type of arthritis the affected person has and includes changes in life style as well as plain herbal and home remedies to lessen the pain in the joints.

If treatment is started in the beginning stage with simple home remedies it will help the condition from intensifying and there will be less pain.

Home Remedies for Treating Arthritis

Weight Management

Weight management is one important factor which will prevent the joints from incurring further damage.  Maintaining the correct weight is very important as being overweight will bring more stress on the joints aggravating the condition. A well planned diet with the correct calories will reduce weight and stop one from gaining weight.

Weight Management


A good workout routine if followed will work wonders in increasing the flexibility and movement of the muscles as well as the affected parts. Gentle exercises can reduce the pain in the joints and give flexibility to the muscles.


Cold and Heat Compresses

Applying heat to the affected area gives temporary relief to the sore and stiff joints while cold compresses can numb the area and lessen pain. But the use of hot and cold compresses depends upon the type and intensity of arthritis one has. Cold compresses will not favor all arthritis conditions.

Cold and Heat Compresses

Simple Home Remedies with Vegetable Intakes

Drinking raw potato juice is believed to alleviate the severity of the condition and eating six to eight cherries every day or raw ginger is believed to reduce inflammation of the affected part. Soak the thin unpeeled potato slices in water overnight and drink the water early morning in empty stomach.Other vegetable juices can be added to it to make it palatable. Carrots, red beets, celery, pineapple, all help in reducing the deposits around the swollen joints. Sesame seeds soaked in water overnight is believed to alleviate the condition and bring relief to the arthritis affected person.

Potato Juice

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Lack of Proper Calcium Intake

Lack of the correct amount of calcium is another reason for arthritis condition which can be rectified by eating leafy vegetables, consumption of low fat milk as well as yogurt and cheese, consuming more tofu, black eyed peas, wheat flour as well as raisins.

Calcium Food

External Treatments

Applying eucalyptus oil on the inflamed part will reduce pain to some extent and warm coconut oil or mustard oil added with camphor when massaged gently on the area improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation around the joints. The body should be kept warm, but not tightly wrapped which will prevent blood circulation leading to more severe problems.

eucalyptus oil

Food to Be Avoided

Some of the vegetables tend to increase the inflammatory condition and it is netter to avoid taking these as much as possible. Tomatoes, eggplants, pepper may aggravate the condition and must be taken less. Drinking plenty of water allows detoxification and prevents disc fluids from forming.Recently cinnamon has been found to bring pain relief and cinnamon powder mixed with honey if taken regularly is said to create miracles within a few months. Cod liver oil slows down cartilage degeneration which is the main cause for arthritis. Whatever the treatment taken should be done only after consulting one’s physician as some home remedies can cause adverse effects depending upon the intensity and health conditions of the affected person.