6 Ways To Treat Arthritis In A Finger Joint


Ways To Treat Arthritis In A Finger Joint

As we all know that our hands, especially the fingers, are the most important organs in our body without which performing our day to day activities would not be an easy task.  Whether it is a simple lifting of objects, or performing the daily chores, we need our fingers in every activity of our life.

However, similar to the other joints of the body, the joints of fingers are also susceptible to a medical condition called arthritis.  This condition triggers severe pain and inflammation in the finger joints and it renders a person temporarily disabled.  Nevertheless, it can be effectively treated with the help of certain non-surgical and surgical treatments available as per the intensity of the case.

Some Treatments Available For Arthritis In Finger Joints

Non- Surgical Methods

Over The Counter Medications

The OTC drugs such as anti-inflammatory pills and creams are effective in reducing the pain and swelling caused by the arthritis in the finger joints.  These medications act as pain killers and thereby help in minimizing the pain and provide relief.


Cortisone Injections

These injections can be resorted to as a next step, in case the OTC drugs fail to provide any relief.  The cortisone injection can be taken directly into the effected joints and this helps in relieving the pain and swelling for several weeks or months.  However, these injections should not be continued for a long time.



Wearing splints to the effected finger joints helps in providing support and avoids undue stress placed on them.  Splinting relieves the finger joint pains to a greater extent.


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Ice And Heat Treatment

Placing a hot compress and a cold compress alternatively on the affected area, provides good relief from the finger joint pains.  This can reduce the swelling as well as the stiffness in the joints and improve the finger motion.

Hot And Cold Application

Hot Wax Treatment

A dip of the hands in a hot wax is also an effective treatment for arthritis pain in the finger joints.  This should be done at home regularly every morning for improved results.

Hot Wax Treatment

Surgical Treatments

A surgical treatment is usually a last resort, when all the non-surgical treatments fail to treat the condition.  When the condition of arthritis is severe, the non-surgical treatments may be ineffective as they only try to suppress the pain but cannot prevent it from recurring.  In such cases, a surgery can successfully provide a long term relief from pain and it can fix the joints and make them function efficiently.

Surgeries are of many kinds, but a medical practitioner will suggest an appropriate surgical treatment only after examining the actual condition of the patient.  Usually surgical treatments involve joint fusions, joint replacements and removal of bone spurs.  Doctors normally suggest a finger joint fusion for the treatment of arthritis in the finger joints.  Besides alleviating the pain forever, this surgery can fix up any deformities or bone spurs in the joints.

Sugerical Treatment

Therefore, an effective treatment of arthritis in the finger joints is possible, provided the condition is not ignored and it is referred to a medical practitioner in time, who will then prescribe an appropriate medication after a complete examination as per the case.