5 Ways To Prevent Psoriatic Arthritis


Ways To Prevent Psoriatic Arthritis

Mostly found in people between the ages of 30-55 this rarely known disease is slowly becoming common in people suffering from a skin condition called psoriasis. Psoriasis arthritis affects the immune system that start to affect the big and small joints of the body. People suffering from psoriasis arthritis may face permanent joint damage if their condition is not treated on time.

Currently there is no known cure to this kind of arthritis but alternative treatment along with traditional medicine can postpone the symptoms and prevent further damage.

What goes in the gut have an immediate effect on patients suffering from this condition so having a psoriasis arthritis friendly diet is vital. Many natural therapies that help to improve your digestive health can work like a charm while preventing psoriatic arthritis. Other methods like physical therapy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, yoga, massages and acupuncture can be helpful to prevent psoriatic arthritis.

Ways To Prevent Psoriatic Arthritis


Psoriatic arthritis is caused by the extra production of TNF protein that results in excess cell growth which causes inflammation in joints. Regular dose of Biologic medicine can help to prevent the growth of this protein and ease the symptoms of this disease. Other anti inflammatory medicines like acetaminophens, ibuprofen and corticosteroids can help to ease the swelling, stiffness and soreness caused by inflammation.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Supplements

Scientist believes that symptoms of inflammatory disease like psoriasis arthritis can be controlled by avoiding foods that causes inflammation. Moreover, eating balance diet and anti inflammatory foods like fish, fruits and vegetables that are rich in omega-3 fatty acid may help to avoid psoriatic arthritis symptoms. Dry fruits like walnuts and flex seeds such as pumpkin seeds are also great source of Omaga 3s. You can also take over the counter omega 3 supplements that come in convenient soft capsules and pills forms. A practicing nutritionist can also help you to design a psoriatic arthritis friendly diet chart to get most benefit from your diet.

Fruits And Vegetables


Native to south Asian country India, yoga has gained popularity around the world due to its versatile usage. Controlled breathing and stretching exercises of yoga helps to regulate your blood flow and ease the bruising and inflammation caused by psoriatic arthritis.

Regular yoga routine may help to strengthen the psoriatic arthritis affected muscles and joints. A qualified yoga trainer may show you the set of yoga exercises which could be useful for psoriatic arthritis. However, yoga help to relieve your psoriatic arthritis symptoms people with severe psoriatic arthritis should avoid tough yoga exercises as it can cause serious damage.

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Essential oils used in aromatherapy have been proven effective to treat many kinds of arthritis and the same can be used to treat psoriatic arthritis. The oils and fragrances which help to reduce inflammation can ease the burning sensation and soreness caused by the disease. Many psoriatic arthritis patients see relief after 4-6 sessions of aromatherapy but result may vary from person
to person.



This ancient Chinese therapy is used to treat dozens of health problems and it is also said to ease the inflammation and soreness caused by psoriatic arthritis. However, very few clinical studies indicate that acupuncture can be useful for treating psoriatic arthritis some people claim they have benefited from this old therapy. Don’t forget to check the authenticity of the practitioner before you make an appointment though.