6 Ways To Prevent Painful Leg Cramps


Ways To Prevent Painful Leg Cramps

Cramps are a major hurdle in the normal activity of many sportsmen. Not only sportsmen, even many of the people who are not into sports are also liable to get highly bad cramps that are indeed painful. There are, however, many simple ways by which you can easily get rid of the painful cramps.

Natural Ways to Prevent Painful Leg Cramps

Water Therapy

The commonly available drinking water is one freely accessible treatment on innumerable health problems, the leg cramps being one of them. It is advisable to drink not less than eight glasses of water daily. Cramps mainly develop due to dehydration in the body. Drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated, thus reducing the chances of cramps. Hence, athlete or not, it is essential to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and leg cramps.

Drink Water

Do not Make Rough Movements

When you get up in the morning, do your initial leg movements slowly and steadily. Any rough and rash movements are more likely to put you in trouble. This trouble more often than not translates into painful cramps.

Rub your legs before touching the ground. Shake your legs slowly as you get out of your bed. Walk around a while before doing any other things. This is most certainly going to prevent the leg cramps.

Rub Your Legs

Jogging or Cycling

Jogging and cycling are best of exercises, well known to prevent cramps more effectively. If you use your bicycle, it will give a good workout to your lower legs.

The calves and the ankles are the ones that get the highest amount of workout along with the thighs. Swimming is another form of exercise you can give to your legs. All these workouts significantly contribute to the well-being of the legs.


Eat Bananas

The primary reason of having painful cramps is the deficiency of potassium. Bananas are a rich source of potassium. Eating a banana on a regular basis is a good way to keep the cramps at bay.

The average of the consumption of banana can vary according to the intensity of your pains. However, one banana a week should be enough to make your immune system healthy enough to fight cramps. Being consistent with the banana diet will reduce the severity of painful cramps.

Eat Bananna

More Sources of Potassium

Apart from bananas, there are many other sources of potassium. Therefore, even if bananas are not available, you can consume grapes, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, corn and pork. All these are vital resources of potassium. Consume any item of your liking so that it will be easier for you to eat them.

You may not like certain types of items mentioned above. It is not necessary to eat all these items. You may stick to the few that you like the most and eat them regularly to prevent leg cramps.


Use Lotion

Massage your legs with lotion to get quicker results. Deep Heat is one lotion that many people use regularly. It circulates the blood flow in the legs.

The circulation automatically leads to the normalcy for the blood veins. Use the lotion liberally on the parts of the legs, where the intensity of the cramps is at its peak.