7 Ways to Make an Herbal Remedy For Arthritis

Ways to Make an Herbal Remedy For Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic disease that involves pain and joint inflammation. This ailment can develop at any age but the intensity of pain and other arthritis symptoms may vary from one person to another. This condition is considered to be a lifelong battle.

So, many people do not prefer taking painkillers and other medicines for such long time and resort to safe herbal remedies. You can either buy herbal cures from the store or make them yourself. Herbal remedies are easy to make at home and you would be more satisfied because you’d know the exact ingredients added to make an herbal remedy.

Top 7 Ways of Making Your Own Herbal Remedy for Treating Arthritis

Raw Potato Juice

Every morning drink a glass of raw potato juice before eating anything, on an empty stomach. This can work wonders in treating arthritis symptoms. You need to blend two big potatoes and filter the juice with cheesecloth. You may find the taste as starchy. To add a tasty flavor, you can mix lemon juice to this raw potato juice.

Raw Potato Juice

Pineapple as an Herbal Remedy

Including fresh pineapples in your diet is considered to be an effective herbal remedy that helps in reducing the joint inflammation caused due to arthritis.


Wild Cucumber Bark

Wild cucumber bark can work wonders in treating arthritis, which you can make as a tea and drink one teaspoon of the tea thrice a day and a tablespoon before sleeping, at night.

Wild Cucumber Bark

Ginger for Arthritis

Ginger is an effective herb that has been used for centuries for treating symptoms of different syndromes, including arthritis. You need to take about 225 mg of the ginger extract at least twice a day to reduce the joint inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.

Ginger can also be used as oil to help relieve the arthritis symptoms. You can take about five drops of diluted essential ginger oil and mix it with 20 drops of almond oil. Massage well on the affected joints to get immediate relief from the chronic arthritis pain.


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Willow Bark as a Pain Reliever

Willow bark is an effective herb that helps relieve pain and inflammation in arthritis patients. You can take about 5 ml tincture, prepared from 2 parts of willow bark and 1 part each with black cohosh and nettle.

Willow Bark

Ancient Angelica Herb

Angelica is an effective herb mostly used in European folk medicines for several years to treat arthritis. Take about one tablespoon of the roots of Angelica herb and put in one pint of water.

Ancient Angelica Herb

Then bring them to boil. You need to cover the boiling mixture for about 2 minutes. Then, remove it from the heat and let the water cool at room temperature. Later, strain and drink the angelica tea, distributing it in 3 different doses throughout the day for around three weeks. You may again drink this tea after a break of seven days.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are considered very useful in treating arthritis. To prepare an herbal remedy with sesame seeds, you need to grind half ounce of these seeds in a grinder and mix it with your food.

Sesame Seeds