7 Ways To Heal A Muscle Tear


Ways To Heal A Muscle Tear

Muscle tear is caused when your muscle fibers are torn. They are also synonymously known as torn muscles or pulled muscles. These muscle strainscan be quite painful and eviscerated. Muscle strain may be because of a pull, twist, or even a tear of some muscle or tendon. It is a very common form of pain which is experienced by people mainly sports people.

The primary goal of treatment is to prevent any further damage to your muscles. Here are some of the best treatment options to provide relief to the patients suffering from a muscle tear.

Tips To Speed Up Healing Of  Torn Muscles

Adequate Rest

In order to treat a muscle tear, you should rest the affected area so as to provide healing in your muscle. You should also remember to stay hydrated. This is because hydration fastens up the healing process of the torn muscles.


Ice Treatment

Apply ice on the affected area for about 20 minutes and then remove the ice pack. You can again apply the ice pack for another twenty minutes after an hour or so. Try compressing the area if you have swelling with the help of an ACE bandage till the swelling stops. Never wrap it too tightly as it may result in more swelling or even stop blood circulation to the area.

Ice Treatment


Try eating a banana or a sweet potato early in the morning in an empty stomach. It helps in easing the muscle cramp and also balances the potassium level in your body.

Eat Banana

Pain Killers

In order to treat muscle tear, you can take recourse to over-the-counter medication. With the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, you can reduce the swelling and at the same time reduce the pain. Acetaminophen is one of the best options and considered to be very effective for treating muscle strains.

Pain Killers

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Apply Heat

With the passage of 24 hours of the initial injury, you can foment the affected muscle strain by making use of a heating pad on the muscle at every 15-minute interval. It helps in loosening the muscle, thereby providing relief to the healing process.

Heat Application

Compression Therapy

You can provide compression to the affected area by gently applying an ace bandage. This bandage can provide you with both support and decrease swelling in the affected area. However, it is recommended to avoid wrapping the bandage too tightly.

Compression Therapy

Massage the Muscle

In order to further treat your muscle tear, you can put a light pressure by gently rubbing the muscle. It increases the blood circulation which paves way for the nutrients important as well as blood to reach and nourish the affected muscle.

With the help of these simple tips, you can easily treat a muscle tear all by yourself. In case, none of the remedies prove to be effective, you should immediately consult a doctor to avoid any serious situations.