Free Your Muscle Knots Muscle knots, also known as the trigger points are the painful knot- like spots that can occur suddenly or over a long period of time. They can last for some hours or even long term and may cause constant pain in the affected area. These knots can bring a lot of discomfort, hindering the ability to perform daily chores.

Muscle knots are considered to be one of the most common problems among people, especially athletes and swimmers. These painful knots can develop due to several reasons such as injury, stress or exertion. But, you can free yourself from the muscle knots through simple methods such as massaging, pressing the pressure points or stretching the area where the muscle knots may have developed.

Different Ways To Free Your Muscle Knots

Massage Gently

Massage is one of the main methods that can help free your muscle knots. It not only eases the tight muscles but also relaxes the whole body making you feel fresh and energetic.


Try to massage the area where you think you may have developed the nagging muscle knots. Muscle knots are mostly observed to develop in the neck, shoulders and back, but it may also occur in your wrist and legs. While massaging your way to the tight spots, you may use a pain relief cream, lotion or oil to help release the tension from the body.

Use a Tool

You may use a tool to get rid of the stubborn muscle knots. A number of athletes use tools to get rid of the muscle knots. You may buy a foam roller and lie down on it, putting your entire body weight over it. Your body weight applies pressure on the foam roller to help ease the pain caused due to the muscle knots. In addition to a foam roller, you may also use a tennis ball to use it as a tool for relieving yourself from the muscle knots.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is yet another way to free your muscle knots. There are a number of exercises that you can choose to do regularly. But it is essential to choose an exercise with care, so that you do not put extra pressure on the painful trigger points.

Press the Pressure Points

Pressing the pressure points is one of the most wonderful techniques to free the painful muscle knots. Try to find the most painful point or the knot by feeling the affected area for some time. Once you find the knots, apply pressure with one finger for about 30 to 60 seconds and then release the pressure.

Pressure Points

It might require you to repeat this step at least twice or thrice until you soften the knots. You can also make a V shape with your thumb and run it over the sore muscles till you feel that the area has become warm.

Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching is considered to be a beneficial way of freeing the muscle knots. The best way to free the muscle knots that may have developed in your shoulders or neck is to stretch your arms over the head and then move the arms in an outward direction. You may need to repeat this until the pressure from the muscle knots is released.