How To Apply Heat To Sore Muscles & Knots

How To Apply Heat To Sore Muscles & Knots

How To Apply Heat To Sore Muscles & Knots Painful muscles and knots is a simple muscular disorder that often occurs due to muscle injury, stress or overuse. These sore muscles and knots can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, affecting the overall quality of life. Though, you can always get medical help, this ailment can be easily treated at home.

Applying heat to sore muscles and knots is one of the best ways to soothe the muscle tension. It lightens the pain, as the heat draws the oxygenated blood in and around the sore muscles and knots.¬†This doesn’t just eases the pain but also help reduce the swelling that may develop due to exertion or stress.

A Guide to Apply Heat to Sore Muscles and Knots

Before Applying Heat

Before you begin to apply heat to the sore muscles or knots, it is recommended to check whether the affected area still has any swelling or bruising. If the affected spot is already swollen or bruised, applying heat will increase the flow of blood, which can worsen the condition. In this case, it might be better to use a pack of ice over the affected spot, for about 10 to 15 minutes. You should allow the swelling to subside before applying the heat therapy to ease the sore muscles and knots.

Choose between Wet and Dry Heat Therapy

Both wet and dry heat therapy work wonders on the sore muscles and knots but depending on your convenience you can choose between the two heat therapies.

How To Apply Heat To Sore Muscles & Knots

If you want to use the wet therapy, you may need to dampen the cloth or towel and heat it in the microwave. Then, gently apply on the sore muscles or knots to ease the pain. For dry heat therapy, you may buy the standard electric heating pads or wraps.

Applying Heat with Heat Pack or a Bottle

You can either buy a heat pack or make one at home. If you are using a heat pack that you may have brought from a store, you will need to warm it in the microwave for about 45 seconds or you may follow the instructions mentioned on the heat pack. You can use a water bottle and fill hot water in it to use it for applying heat to the sore. Make sure you are able to bear the heat, else let it cool down to a temperature that you can manage for a couple of hours, or till the pain subsides.

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Use a Protective Layer

It is recommended to use a protective layer between the heating pack and your body to avoid burns and unnecessary discomfort.

How To Apply Heat To Sore Muscles & Knots

So, if you are unable to manage the heat, you can use a towel to cover the skin from direct heat and then apply the heat to soothe the sore muscles or knots.


Make sure you are awake while using the heat pad or it might cause burns, if you continue heating it for long hours. Though, heat is a good way to soothe the sore muscles and knots, you must not apply heat if there is an injury and you could still find swelling in the affected area.