5 Best Treatments For Ankle Arthritis


Best Treatments For Ankle Arthritis

Ankle Arthritis mainly causes pain in the ankle of the suffering person. This kind of arthritis is very uncommon, but when it hits the ankle, it causes terrible pain and the person might even find it difficult to walk. This is due to the wear and tear of bones in the ankle.

This is usually seen in people who have a history of injuries in the feet or people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Here are the five best treatments for ankle arthritis:

Treatments for Ankle Arthritis

Changing of the Footwear

Changing of footwear is one of the easiest treatments that can be suggested. Especially for those who are used to wearing heels all the time, it would be very useful to switch over to soft, spongy and cushion fit footwear. You can also get custom made footwear from a shoe specialist.

Improper Shoes

It’s better to ask for a rock bottom to be attached to the sole of your footwear. Wearing high heels puts a lot of pressure on the spine and the heels and thus deplete the existing bones. High heels in case of ankle arthritis should be strictly avoided as it becomes the primary reason for the wear and tear of bones.

Change your Lifestyle

Once you are diagnosed with ankle arthritis, it is always better to take extra care regarding your life style. You should take healthy food and avoid heavy exercises which put a lot of stress on your legs. Apart from this, you should avoid jumping, running or heavy dancing forms.

Change Lifestyle

It’s always recommended to follow the routine suggested by a physiotherapist to strengthen your ankle. Apart from this, you should take your medications on time and follow a routine of exercises as suggested by your physical instructor.

Wearing Braces

Ankle Foot Orthoses called as AFOs helps you in holding your ankle in place in the right position. It sustains your joint and avoids unnecessary movement. These braces are supposed to be fabricated as well. This helps as a walking aid to those who are at the initial stage of ankle arthritis.


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Ankle Replacement Surgery

As this kind of arthritis is not much common, even the ankle replacement surgeries are not widely carried out. However, in case of any operative treatment to be given to the ankle, this treatment is suggested.

Ankle Replacement Surgery

The worn out ankle is removed and an implant is provided at the same time. This holds the joints together, fabricates it and makes life normal for the individual. This kind of surgery is usually performed on people who are very old or on those facing extreme cases of ankle arthritis.

Ankle Fusion Surgery

In Ankle Fusion Surgery, the damaged disk or joint is excavated and the ankle is set in right position. As the days go by, this surgery helps to hold the ankle in place without causing much movement and healing the pain suffered by the person. This is a commonly followed surgery for people suffering from ankle arthritis.

Ankle Fusion Surgery

Though ankle arthritis is very uncommon, but when it is seen, it causes a lot of pain and affects your lifestyle badly. The best way to stay away from this illness is to take care of the factors that can cause it and thus, avoiding those.