4 Effective Cures For Spondylitis


Effective Cures For Spondylitis

Spondylitis is a chronic illness that takes a toll on your spine as well as other joints in the body. Another common name for spondylitis is ankylosing spondylitis or reactive arthritis. The inflammations in the joints and in the spinal column are a couple of commonly known symptoms. It is easy to cure spondylitis with due care and treatment.

Ways to Cures Spondylitis


Let us start from a very commonly used form of treatment – the medication. However, the use of medication can vary largely as it depends on the diagnosis carried out. Ibuprofen is a frequently used drug, also prescribed by the American College of Rheumatology. For a temporary form of medication, you can go for prednisone. It helps in reducing the inflammation as well as minimizes the pain. An anti-inflammatory drug is mostly considered safe for treating spondylitis.


Body Position

Your body position – the posture, matters a lot and has a lion’s share in making you feel better. A good posture can prove to be an effective treatment in itself. Having your spinal column erect is extremely essential. Whatever you do – lie on the floor or sit up, always have an erect posture.

Good Posture

Use a wooden chair whenever possible, which will have a straight back and arms. Rest your arms on the armrests and sit up straight with your back kissing the back of the chair all the time in a vertical line. When it comes to sleeping, the best option is to sleep on the floor with your back erect as usual. If you cannot do that for any reason use a mattress that is firm enough to allow your back remain in a straight line.


Exercise is the best form of medicine to cure spondylitis. Moreover, when performed as suggested, exercise is suitable for people of all ages. However, it is important that you have a word with your physician first. The reason to speak with your doctor is, he/she can help develop the correct exercise routine for you, which may not be possible to do on your own, without the technical knowhow.


These customized programs are quite effective and you will get enough flexibility in your body. It will also enable you to maintain your balance. Of course, do not forget to ask your physician about the warm-up and cooling-down workouts.


As far as possible surgery should be the last resort on your list. Surgery is mandatory only in cases when there is really no option, but to go under the knife. Option for surgery shows it is impossible to be cured by any one of the above-mentioned options of curing spondylitis. Most surgeries are for joint replacements or when there is heavy damage done to joints such as the hips or shoulder.


Joint replacement is an important milestone in treating spondylitis. Therefore, it is vital that you and your physician discuss all possible cures for spondylitis before zeroing on the decision. A surgery may not necessarily be for joint replacement alone. There can also be corrective surgery for the spinal column if the spondylitis is intense.