5 Common Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis


Common Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis

Sarcodiosis is a disease, which leads to inflammation in the body tissues. This inflammation can occur in any body organ, but it initially starts in the lymph nodes or lungs. Granulomas is an abnormal mass or nodules, which consists of tissues that are inflamed. The granulomas may change the regular structure and also the performance of the organs affected.

The actual cause of sarcoidosis remains unknown, however this condition can happen spontaneously and disappear too. In some, it develops gradually and leads to symptoms that appear and go away. Some of the signs and symptoms of sarcoidosis are discussed below.

Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis

Lymph Node Inflammation

The lymph nodes are affected in people suffering from sarcoidosis. This condition leads to the enlargement of the lymph nodes that become soft and tender. The lymph glands in the chest and neck are the ones that are normally affected, but sometimes they also affect the lymph nodes in the armpits, groin or beneath the chin.

Lymph Node Inflammation

Lupus Pernio And Skin Sores

Sarcoidosis also affects the skin. Ulcers or sores, lumps and discoloration of skin are the general symptoms. These symptoms may cause itching, but they do not hurt you. This skin issue is mainly seen on the scalp, legs, back and the arm areas. In few people, it also appears around the eyes or nose.

Skin Sores

These symptoms normally last for a longer span of time. A more serious problem associated with sarcoidosis is lupus pernio. It is the disfiguration of the sores on the skin, which may cause damage to the nasal passage, nose, fingers, ears, cheeks and eyelids. The sores usually continue and tend to reappear again even after treatment.

Eye Problems

Eye problems are also caused in individuals suffering from sarcoidosis. It is important to get an eye check up done annually. In sarcoidosis, the individual suffers from burning eyes, itchy eyes, painful eyes, sensitivity to light and watering eyes.

Eye Problems

In some cases, uveitis is also noticed, which is an inflammation occurring within the eyes. This condition could also lead to loss of vision.

Heart And Brain Issues

Sarcoidosis may affect the brain and heart in a few although this is very rare. The symptoms of this condition include blurred vision, headaches, abnormal or irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath. When this condition occurs, it could lead to very serious complications. Lung damages caused due to sarcoidosis tend to have negative effects on the heart as well.

Heart Pain

This is referred to as cor pulmonale, which can result in heart failure, if it is not treated immediately. In this particular problem, the heart is enlarged, which is referred to as cardiomyopathy. This situation leads to shortness of breath and affects the hearts performance.

Lofgren’s Syndrome

During the onset of sarcoidosis, there are some classic symptoms, which occur in people and this is known as Lofgren’s syndrome. The symptom usually noticed is fever, but this occurs only in a few people. The lymph glands are enlarged, which could be seen when a chest X-ray is done.

Lofgren's Syndrome

A frequent symptom primarily seen in men than in women is arthritis, especially noticed in the ankle area. A red rash or a bump is noticed in the shin and ankle region, which is referred to as erythema nodosum. The rash is tender and warm. This symptom is more often noticed in women than in men.